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slimfast, going to give it a go.


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
From tomorrow (or today!) I am going to give the slimfast plan a whirl and see how I do on it.
I've been reading posts on it and I did try it years ago, tbh cant remember if i was trying to lose weight at the time or if it was just to try it out sort of thing as it was big when it first came out. knowing me i probably had a milk shake and then had my tea straight after!

I'll probably have 2 shakes a day, a proper dinner and then fruit inbetween as and when. i'll just give it a try out and see what i think.
i'm also attracted to the price, you couldnt make a meal for the price! My mum says they do soups as well, I'll have to check it all out.
I hope doign a structured plan (as I havnt before) helps me get back to 12 stone soon.
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G: 11st0lb
Hi Rowan

Good luck with slimfast. I personally LOVE IT!

This is my eighth week on slimfast and I have lost 17lbs so far (this will be the third time I have done the slimfast diet in the last 10 years. The first time was when I was 21 and the second time was after I had my son. I am on it again following the birth of my daughter 19 months ago but to be honest it has taken me a long time to get into the right mind frame to do it.

Good luck. Looking forward to seeing how you do.



Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
hey ff, 17lbs in 8 weeks is great! Well done. Sounds like slimfast has been good a plan to turn to for you. And congrats for your upcoming wedding!!!!

I didnt start yesterday as I only got the stuff yesterday, so today is my official slimfast start. I got the banana, chocolate and strawberry shakes, some bars and some cheese crisp things. Only got a few packs as not sure if i'll like them.
I'm also wandering if I can add creatin into the shakes, so I'll have to look into that.

I think i'll hang onto around 11am and then have my first shake of the day!


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
Thanks FF, day one and not too bad!

day 1 - 69 to go 26/2/08

11am - I had a strawberry shake (was really nice, but didnt find it filling at all)
1pm - I had SF cheddar bites (now these were pretty awful. the corners were rock hard and i had to spit them out or eat round them. Bought a few packs so will suffer them till gone. i had these while out shopping)
3.30pm - I was hungry at this point so had my proper meal of the day
6.30pm - SF caramel seed bar (enjoyed this)
7.40pm - Had a banana shake and I put soluble fibre in it and my creatin
Then I had my vit c, multi vit, glucosamine
Then did my exercises - 15lb weights, floor exercises
8.30pm - Had a banana
12.00am - SF chocolate and peanut bar (was like a snickers!)
Restricted my coffee to only 4 cups today

So my total was 1324 cals - which wasnt bad at all considering 159 of them was for a suppliment

I don't feel hungry at the end of the day, didnt feel deprived as the shakes are like treats i think. Glad i discovered the chocolate and peanut bars! Bought 3 more tubs in Boots (got a vanilla one to try) - so all in all, after a day, i think it's an okay plan. I saved money while out eating on the go, infact i think it's a pretty good money saver all round.


Gone fishing
Best of luck with slimfast Rowan. It's nice to have change anyway isn't it. Helps the motivation spring back :)


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
it certainly does kd, and thanks for the rep!

i know it was tom and all that last week which gave me a rise but today back to 12:9
i'm glad about that.
i had decided weight wasnt the importat thing but you know us women cant resist numbers!!!
But i'm going to try and resist looking everyday for a while - when i get to 12:2 i'll mention it.

I've also decided that this 10 week plan is the last of my dieting life. Whatever I get to after this, that is it.
If I want to lose more after that then I'll have to take a 6 month break inbetween


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
day 2 - 68 to go 27/2/08

1.40pm - SF seed bar
4.55pm - proper meal of the day
7.10 pm - tangarine
7.15pm - vanilla shake with creatin and fibre added
7.20 pm - SF peanut and chocolate bar
vit c, glucosamine, multi vit
15lb weights - floor exercises
9.45 pm -chocolate shake
9.50pm - SF pretzles (liked these, will get more in)

Only had 3 cups of coffee today so that was a great improvement!
Total for my cals was 1,330

well 2 days out of the way and so far so good at sticking to it.


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
oh now i feel guilty ff after yesterday:eek:

well day 3 was a disaster - started with a family size bar of aero, then a dark chocolate bounty - went shopping and had a greggs cheese and onion pasty - decided would get something healthy in (haha) so bought a prawn salad, and if that lot wasnt enough had a proper cooked dinner later on :eek: oh and i had a SF seed bar :rolleyes:
But, not the end of the world!!!:p just a mere blib in the road to success!
had the mother of all headaches starting that afternoon and my head was stotting so much i couldnt sleep, so i stayed up and totally cleaned everything in the sitting room and had a tidy up. Not sure what caused it but going to research to see if it was my creatin, could possibly have been all the sugar though. Going to keep of both for a while and check it wasnt actually the slimfast shakes causing it, although i didnt have any yesterday.

Anyway onto day 4 and back on track.(thats the important thing!)


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
when i stop cheating?:cry:

been bad must admit, dont know whats getting into me - totally losing my focus for all of this, i am cheating on the sly, sneaking stuff into my room on a night, i could kick myslef cos this is unlike me - i never focused on food so much in my life, i focused on losing weight and exercise and food was fuel with the odd kit kat as my treat. Its since i started going to weight watchers, all they talk about constantly is food food food, and how you must lose weight every week - well bollox to that hehe!
I did better on my own, in my own time, by losing weight in drips and drabs - no pressure to lose every week and meant i could maintain and take time to shape up. So what its taking ages, i'm still getting there in the end. I mean the teacher isnt even at goal herself!

So maybe i'll weigh in on the last day of my 70 day ''plan''.

But i was reading a post here about the juddd diet, and gosh! it made sence that it would suit me - i can still use my slimfast with it - its updays and downdays, extreme calorie cycling, and as i have some days where i dont get up till tea time then i reckon its a plan to suit me, cos we had our dinner out yesterday and i had a 3 course meal, which would have been 2 days calories -- well with the juddd plan means i dont need to feel guilty as the down days would equal it out.

So i'm just hoping that i can achieve something in these next 9 weeks and try not to cheat too much or get stressed out about it, cos by hook or by crook, i WILL make my goal and be sunbathing in my bikini come the summer (weather allowing of course ;))

but still liking the slimfast have to say.

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