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Slimfast newbie here who would love to join you all!

Hi I started SF on Monday 19th Jan weighing 12st 13lb, would like to lose 2 stone by April-ish time!

Nearly done my first week now, the smoothies are delicious, not so keen on the shake for lunch so am going to try the meal bars next week instead!

I have my first weigh in on Monday hoping to get a substantial loss in the first week to spur me on!

Reading everyone's successes is very motivating! How much did everyone lose on their first weeks??

Hope I can join you all on the SF journey!
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in my dreams!!!!!!
hi chocolatelover, welcome, i'm fairly new here too my 2nd weigh in is on monday but am really pleased with my 1st, i lost an amazing 10lb. i would say it is all the water i'm drinking, i'm forever on the loo! Here's hoping the next one will be ok too!!

I'm finding it quite easy during the day as i'm just having the 2 shakes with fruit between as i struggle with thinking what to have.

what about you, what sort of things are you eating in the evening apart from salad? xx:D
Hi sparkelwings thanks for the reply! Wow 10lb is amazing congratulations! This week I have made chicken stir fry with rice, omlette, sausages (low fat) with pots and veg, chilli and a couple of ready meals (low fat) I work shifts so find it easier to have ready meal with salad when on a late!

Good luck for Monday will let you know how I get on!


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Welcome and good luck chocolate lover, when I first started sf last yr I lost 4ib in my first wk. And between 1-2ib a week, I don't stick to it 100% though so you could probably lose 2-3ib with excercise. Join in the monthly challenge's if you need a extra bit of motivation. :O)
I'm also a "newbie" - we'll be able to cheer each other on. I work shifts also - start nights for a week tomorrow, just going to have to grit my teeth and get on with it! Must just not be tempted to put munchies in my work bag!
Good Luck!
I lost 4lb in my 1st week but now its only 2 :eek:(
but better than nothing


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Welcome Chocolatelover, well done on your 10lbs loss thats really really good!!

On my first wi i lost 5lbs so u did do well.

As for snacks i like to have sugar free jelly as its very very low in cals and is sweet, if your craving something sweet this is ideal.


in my dreams!!!!!!

:sigh: I'm feeling really fed up as i stuck to the plan 100% all week which was quite tough as caught an achy virus tues-thurs and needed comfort food but didn't succumb!

Bought new scales yesterday as kids seemed to have destroyed old ones by using it as a jumping board!

I know i shouldn't have but kept on popping on scales every day just to see, which was a really good weight loss, but when i went on new ones i'd only lost 2lb. I had hoped to lose more but perhaps next week or is about right?

how did you do chocolatelover?

fed up but still keeping the faith! x :wave_cry:
Hi all well lost 2lb the first week on SF, was a little disappointed hoped for at least 4 but at least it was a loss! This week I have been having smoothie for breakfast and meal bar for lunch. I think the bars are better than the shakes, at least you can chew on them!!

Well done sparkelwings for sticking at it even when you felt rubbish - and 2lb is a good loss for a week!

Hi hothouse-flower working nights must be really hard let us know how you get on. I would say don't let yourself get too hungry and eat fruit if you need something to keep you going.


in my dreams!!!!!!
well done chocolatelover, good start to your diet. i realise now that any loss is great cos they all add up in the end!

I agree with you about having something to chew but found today Pinks which are only 50 calories each so you can have two for your snack giving you loads to chew on and can stagger them as well when u need that fix.

have been reading lots of people's comments about the bmr result and how many calories we should have but don't really understand it as if you not having enough will not lose the fat and i can't get my head around that! :confused:

stick with it and i'll let you know how monday goes this week. x


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2ibs is a great loss, just think it's a bag of sugar gone forever. The steadier the loss the better as you have more chance of keeping it off!
Good luck for the coming week xx


in my dreams!!!!!!
2ibs is a great loss, just think it's a bag of sugar gone forever. The steadier the loss the better as you have more chance of keeping it off!
Good luck for the coming week xx
hi ugg, thanks for that, i'd never thought of it like that and and that bag is quite hefty so heres to more of the same! :cool:


Needs a kick
Congrats choc lover fab loss :O)
I'm hoping this week I can have a good start for Feb... I put on half a pound last week, which isnt too bad but I'm not going to reach my target weight for valentines now but still at least i#m still sticking to it

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