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slimmer of the week question


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just out of interest, what weight loss seems to be averge in your group for getting SOW?

mine seems to be 3 or 3.5 at the mo...

I'm mega jealous each time, I reeeeeally want to get it soon!
I got it the other week (I was sooooo pleased!) and I'd lost 5.5 over the two weeks, our class has some big losers so it's always round about 5-8lbs.
It can really depend in our class. We have a couple of guys who always have big losses so if one of them is at class and stays then it is usually one of them with about 5-7lb.

At the moment we have a girl who is loosing about 5lb every week, so it has been her lately.

Before that it can be as small as 0.5lb, and one week I really struggled to find a SOW (I am the WI lady) as everyone had either gained the week before, or not been to class, so in the end I had to give it someone who had STS :rolleyes:

I should say we have quite small classes of 10-20.


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Ours is usually 2-3.5lbs to win SOW.

Once on a particularly bad week I won it only losing 0.5lb and felt a bit of a cheat as I didn't feel I deserved it on such a small amount!! However most other people had gained or missed the week before!

It really will vary between groups though!! And i'm sure having men in the group will push it up as they tend to lose more!!
In our group it is always 3-3.5 lbs! Every time I have lost that I have gained the week before though! But this week I lost 2.5 and 3 the week before, and the sow lost 3 this week! I was gutted! I am hoping for sotm this month though as everyone else has had slow weight loss or has put on a lot this month! Where as I have lost 6 lbs this month so far and I am aiming for 3 this week so would be a total of 9! haha lets see though! xxx


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Ours varys too!! i got 3.5LB off this week and really thought i'd of had Slimmer of the week but a lady who is really quite big lost 6LB and always has big losses so i was gutted!!
Ive been quite shocked recently the losses in our group seem huge!! (apart from me!!) but lots of new member losing far over 6lbs a week! gets a disappointing wen the same person gets it nearly every week wen u know uve worked hard but supose its not called 'Work hard of the week' is it!ha!
sometimes our consultant jst gives it to the person she believes deserves it most if the same person seems to be getting it every week which is nice!!xx
I'd say 2-3.5lbs although I've had it with a 1.5lb loss before.

Aside from the first week, we don't seem to have huge losses at my group and there is only 1 male who is at target anyway.


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if you notice my stickers I have won SOW 9 times but the most I had lost to get it was 1.5lbs Our class is tiny (6 -8) members. I find SOW a strange notion, we put the weight on and then the one who loses it again gets the award. I think there should be an award for members at target who maintain This may help those people stay focused(just a thought) x


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I think you have to have lost the previous week, and then get the biggest loss the second week...

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