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Slimmer of the Week

Following on from my previous thread, im now wondering how slimmer of the week is arrived at? there was 3 of us that lost 3lb this evening and i know myself and one other lost last week. the third person im not sure whether she lost or not but she lost the same amount, 3lb, and she got the award. As 3 of us all lost the same and assuming we all lost week how is it arrived at who slimmer of the week is?
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We had 4 slimmer of the weeks this week, and they all got stickers/certificates and a part of the "fruit bowl" thingy each.


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I can't say for sure but perhaps she had a bigger loss last week, so that is how it is judged.
Still, I think it would be fairer to share the SOTW between you.


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As long as you all atttended and lost last week, SOW should be shared between you. i would question it next week. It may have been a genuine mistake


I want to be fitter again
Shaz you are not making a fuss but these things really do matter when you wnat as much encouragement as possible when loosing weight. That is one of the reasons we pay our membership xx
I understood slimmer of the week is decided by whoever loses the most weight over 2 weeks, but this must not include your first week weigh in. May by it is up to the consultant, how it is decided?
As far as I am aware its whoever lost the most this week, attended class last week, didnt STS and didnt gainand it can't be your first weeks loss either. I assume that it may be as others have said and its the combined weight of the two weeks too, so maybe the other person lost a little more last week. But if your unsure ask the consultant to explain exactly how it works as you both lost 3lb. xx
Did you stay to group last week hun? You have to have stayed to recieve the award the next week.

If you did, then the award and fruit bowl should have been shared.

My consultant only gives the sticker and certificate to the actual winner and if she doesn't stay to group then the fruit bowl is raffled off.


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The slimmer of the week is the person who lost the most tht week lost or maintainted the previous week and stayed to class the previous week too, it should have been shared,, and its not who lost the most in 2 weeks its 1 week thats why its slimmer of the week,
I jointly got Slimmer of the Week recently and had to give my Consultant a little nudge, it was just a mistake on her part. She was very apologetic, but it does matter after you've made the effort all week. I would have a little word with her and ask.


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This has happened to me loads of times!! I thought it was just given to the person who needed it the most in terms of encouragement!!
Huh - I never actually knew that you had to stay to class the week before to be eligible the next week! I learn something new everyday!

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