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Slimming and depression

I have done SW for years on and off and I am very overweight (need to lose about 7 stones.)

I am feeling quite down about a lot of things in my life at the moment and I believe a lot of it may be weight related as I hate the way I look and feel in myself.

Before I burden the docs, I want to try SW one last time and intend to re-join this week, aswell as maintaining some exercise.

I was just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and found that slimming has made you feel better and lifted any dark clouds.

I know they say that exercise releases "happy" endorphenes!

Any tips please.
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I don't have an SW specific comments but I do know that my hubby found that exercise and healthy eating did help him to feel better when he was fighting depression.

Good luck with your journey and hopefully the dark clouds will start to lift soon.


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I've suffered with depression since before i was a teenager and most, if not all my problems comes from low self esteem, no confidence and a pretty strong hatred of myself, i'm only 25 and have had 3 nervous breakdowns and now suffer with an anxiety disorder as well as the depression so can relate. I'm a comfort eater and yoyo dieter when i get stressed/worried/anxious/upset i turn to food which has lead me to being where i am, with 11stone to lose. For me i have to be in the right frame of mind to diet, if i'm not in that place i can not stick to it and i'm learning that when i stop taking my meds, i quickly fall out of the dieting state of mind.
I think the best thing to do would be joining sw and see the doctor to see if he can help with the dark clouds, i used to not want to see the doctor fearing i was wasting there time but at the end of the day thats there job.
I've been back on sw almost 6 weeks now, after the first week i stopped taking my meds and gained 3 weeks in a row, back on them and i lost 6lbs that week and i got my stone award. I am feeling better on sw and it helps having to think about menu's and food and having minimins because it distracts me from thinking and worrying about other stuff.
Good luck x x


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I have no personal experience of depression but i always feel a lot better in myself when i eat healthier. By that i mean better moods, more energy, sleep better and feel less sluggish. I believe it will help but dont be afraid of visiting your doctor either.
hey there, personally I could've written that myself! With me I'm not sure which came first, the depression which led me to be overweight or being overweight led to depression??? Sometimes I thinks they just came hand in hand:sigh: I think you should try to deal with both issues separately, join SW & tackle your weight but also go to the docs & deal with the depression, hopefully then things will fall into place somewhere down the line. Good luck hun xxx


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I have suffered from depression on and off for about 20 years, luckily mainly off! I no longer hesitate before going to see the doctors (more than 3 weeks feeling down and I get it sorted). I know that I have difficulty sticking to plan when I am down but that it becomes easier as the happy pills kick in and I then up my exercise.

Having said that I normally manage my moods by exercise (instead of the food grab of old) and it is great once I'm over the initial pain barrier of getting going.

Good luck, get yourself to the GP - it is their job and there is no point struggling on, it will just longer and be harder to get out of.

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