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Slimming Buddy Wanted

Hiya, I'll be your buddy. I had 5-6 stone to lose when I started (at couple of months ago) and have lost 1.5 stone so far woohoo. I'm a recovering pizza-holic. How are you finding it so far? Do you to meetings or do online? I go to meetings and love it!
Claire x
Hi ya.

At present I am just doing it my own but am considering joining the meetings after Christmas.

I have been doing it for 5 weeks so not quite aslong as you but your loss has been fantastic. I have only lost 9lbs which although good is not great.

I am finding it quite easy at present but dec is going to be hard as its my birthday aswell as lots of Xmas nights out.

What day of the week do you weigh in?
Hi there, I am looking to lose 5-6 stone in total :) Done my own cut down diet for 7 weeks resulting in a 11 pounds loss and last week joined slimming world although not starting slimming world until tomorrow. Been shopping and all hyped up and ready to do it! It will be a long and rocky road but together we can make it :D
I have to admit even though the weigh loss hasnt been amazing I dont even feel like I am dieting. I know this is a diet I can stick to and learn from. Thats the point right?

Are you going to meetings?
Exactly, in order to keep the weight off, you need to change your lifestyle and I feel SW is a great way to keep up with the dieting as it doesn't feeling like dieting - it's a way of like. I've only been to one as only joined last week, but I intend to go most weeks, how about you? What day is your weigh in day?
Hi, I don't have as much as you, but still just over 3 stone which isn't even a small child. But I agree it will be a long road and we will get there with the support of our fellow Slimming Worlders.
I'm doing SW online and after falling off the wagon a bit I had to restart a couple of weeks ago, but I'm back on track. I weigh in at home on Sundays and am keeping a diary so I have to keep honest with myself.
I've done Slimming World before, but it must be more than 10 years ago now, so I know I can do it and if I can do, anybody can do it.

Good luck and don't forget to use your syns!
hi guys welcome to minimins good luck with ur weight loss journeys :wave_cry:
Thanks Valerie, I'm glad I found this place. There are so many inspiring people on here.
slimming world buddy

hi ,i am 15stone 3lb....:mad:i m looking for a buddy who is about the same weight for support ....i have done slimming world before it worked for me before so i thought i would give it a go again.....don t want to go to class thought this would be a better option.............
also looking for a buddy, messed about all year and need a kick up the bum, aiming for a 6 stone weight loss, maybe we could start our own team, what do you think??
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