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Slimming Em looking for her slim self.....

I have done CD before and lost 2 and a half stone however have put it all back on and more in the two years since I stopped due to no maintenance :cry:. The diet itself was so easy the first time that I kick myself for not working up the plans and doing maintenance. I have made half arsed attempts since then but not really past the first week or so as it seems so much harder after the first time but now I am back and ready to persevere.

I saw my counsellor (the same one I have had since the beginning in 2008) about 3 weeks ago and I seem to be getting better but have not done a full week yet of CD. (few days CD then a meal with hubby & 4yr old daughter then another few days CD then a takeaway etc etc).:break_diet:

I am hoping that starting "properly" tomorrow and starting a diary may help me motivate myself some and also get advice from a few of the people experiencing the same things on here.

I never used to really have to think about my weight (12/14) but since the end of 2007 I have become bigger and bigger and I LOVE food which is clearly an issue as I am pretty sure I comfort/ emotional eat!!

OK, so tomorrow is the day - 16 August 2010. 5ft 8" (just but only have 3 packets) and currently 16stone (on my scales).

Here goes!! :D

Em x
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Day One

Ok, had a black coffee with sweetener and just had my first packet of the day - warm choc mint, yum!!

Need to get on the water though.....

Day off today which means next four days at work ( I do condensed hours so five days work in four) which I think will help for my first week. Worst time for me is the weekend so will be avoiding takeaway situations Fri & Sat.

Onward & downward.....
Well, officially day 4 but went for a meal with in-laws for their wedding anniversary last night and now eating a certain fried chicken meal :sigh:

I am ready to be back on the wago though and need to be SSSSOOOOOO good! I think once I am past the first week I will be fine :D

Wish me luck (AGAIN!!)

Em x x
Went back to see CDC last night - have lost a total of 3.5lbs since I went to her 4 weeks ago and didn't start properly!!!!

Am very ready to kick myself in the butt and get going!!

Monday - Day 1 - Strawberry tetra, Choc tetra and chilli soup (had an extra butterscotch but felt it was better than real food)

Today - Day 2 - Banana tetra, Choc tetra and maybe another chilli soup (putting it off!!)

Keep going, need to be sexy and slim for christmas .... then Disney next May!!

i'm 5'8 and i'm having 4 packs. it makes me feel full the whole day, and the weight is still coming off very quickly (though it was slow to start). Maybe move up to 4 if it means you'll stick the the SS?
I'm tempted to do that actually - if nothing more than to stop myself reaching for actual food !

I am just under 5'8" and my CDC has always been happy with me having 3 and I succeeded the first time on 3 ...... but this time is a million times harder!!

The other thing I think is that I know that once ketosis and habit kick in I will forget to have 3 packets never mind 4!!

Been good today - 2 x tetras and a fruits of the forest...... not quite 2l of water but still going ;)
Day 5 down and only had four packs 2 days which really helped :)

Day 6 and already had a large glass of water - taking my daughter to the cinema and shopping this morning so probably won't stop for anything to eat (she will most likely have popcorn but I can resist that).

Do not feel hungry anymore and that is helping me massively - starting to make myself have the last drink in the evening. I am better not having my first one til say 11am so they are more spread out too.

Got on the scales this morning and I have lost approx. 8lbs since monday which is great!! My CDC does not do bank hols and Mondays are my WI day so have to wait an extra week..... I am hoping for a stone!!

Fingers crossed! xx
Hi, wow well done on starting again and your progress. I'm in a similar boat to you re the eating, but I'm also going to start afresh today after my dreaded WI. Reading your diary makes me believe that I can do it too. Thanks and have a good weekend. :)
I think that is what has helped me this time - even though I ate I knew I needed to persevere......

I am on day 8 now and seem to be getting on pretty well, been 100% and now that I no longer feel hungry am finding it easier to not think about food (which is what I was doing the first 4 days!!!).

My scales think I might have lost 10lbs since Monday but my CDC does not do Bank Hols so I have to wait one more week.... I am hoping for a stone!! :eek:

Fingers crossed! x
Heres hoping!! Need to test my ticker too :D
Day 9 - complete.
Day 10 - feeling awful & totm - plate of veg from work followed by fish finger sandwiches at home. Feeling bad for doing it but less so than if I had had a big indian takeaway or fish & chips!
Day 11 - another plate of veg but managed the rest of the day just on shakes which was better!
Day 12 - 100% shakes (tried doing the ice cubes to make the choc one thicker which was yummmmmy!!!)
Day 13 - today - going well - need to drink more water but feel good anyway!!!

Feel bad i ate this week but feel pleased with myself that I am back on the diet 100%. My CDC is back on Monday (she doesnt work Bank hols) so I will know officially how much I have lost - hoping to be 14st something which would mean a stone lost in two weeks but not sure if thats a bit optimistic with the bits I ate.....

Onward & downward...........
Hiya, well done for getting back on track. When is your next weigh in? Good luck and keep the focus. :D
Monday evening!! Hopefully as I have been "relatively" good she will let me have bars next week :D

Em x
Day 23 - not such a good week last week - ate 3 evening meals weds, thurs and fri!! thankfully and I really mean that I still managed to lose 2lbs!!

I need to keep persevering but at least I can have bars now too! :D

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