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Slimming Word Syn Value for Nandos


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Sorry what exactly at Nandos are you wanting the syn value for. Have you checked out the Eating Out sub-forum as there will be several threads of what to have when eating there.
Thankyou so much, I really appreciate that, can you send me a link or tell me where you got that info from, I have been searching high and low cant find anything in the welcome pack from slimming world or cant find any websites telling me the syn value for nandos.

Thanks again.


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If you are a group member your consult should give you a password for the member's part of the SW website. There is a link to it on the SW website and you have to register as a user. Once there you will find lots of resources such as lists of HEs and a syn database where you plug in the manufacturer and the product name and it gives you the syn value. There is also a syn calculator for products you can't find in the database.

Hope that helps!
Thanks for your reply, Im pretty new to SW, I do have this weeks password and have registered with the website, but when i put in nandos..as the manufacturer nothing comes up..


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Try putting in just nando - it's not recognising nandos because there should be an apostrophe between the o and the s. Sometimes if you can't find it, it's worthwhile just putting in part of the word just in case there is a spelling mistake or something like that.
Hi, really appreciate your help, typed in nando's..it is indeed coming up..but when i enter rice, chips, yoghurt..nothing is coming up, to be precise its telling me no matches found..the only thing i can find is the chicken..

i love the sauce and no you can buy this from supermarkets i really wanted to know the syn value for the sauce.grrrrr

thankyou all the same.

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