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Slimming world and exercise

Hi :D,

I'm totally new to this forum site! I downloaded the app on my Iphone and found it motivating!

So i'll have to apologise in advance I'm not to sure how to work this site I'm sure it wont take me too long.

Anyway moving on....I've been on EE with SW since mid april and achieved my 4 and a half stone award just in time for xmas although i only wanted to lose 4 stone in time for the festive season so that extra half stone was a fab bonus and im glad as i let my hair down for one week and put on 11.5lb but it was my star week and plus i didnt do the plan at all! It did knock my motivation but i thought crack on and i lost 3.5lb the week after!

Im currently studying my PGCE and im back at uni monday and i stay with my grandparents during this time and i was thinking of joining a gym and im only there until march so was thinking of going three times a week just for an hour of cross trainer and treadmill work.....

ill be on placement from april so il be active during this time and dont think ill have the time to continue with the gym.....and i live at home and have no space to do wii fit either :/.....

im not confident enough yet to step outside and jog on the streets for fear ill be laughed at!

Anyway if i was to stop going the gym at the end of march is this going to have a large effect on my continuing weight loss :/ will i put on once i stop??? if so i dont think i want to start the gym as its partly to help occupy me whilst at the grandparents house.

What exercise do you do?? and how often??

Unsure what to do if it means me gaining when i stop going the gym and back on placement as so far ive done the diet totally on healthy eating and prefer to stay like this if stoppping and starting exercise wont help me and my weight loss.

I hope that somebody can kind of get what im trying to say....

any help/tips/advice would be much appreciated :D
thanks :rolleyes:
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You will only gain weight if you stop exercising if you get used to eating more because you are going to the gym, and continue to eat like that if you stop.

Otherwise, it'll do you good to exercise even for a short period, and like you say keep you occupied.
I agree with gemma, I have been exercising between 6-8 times a week since I started SW, the weeks I have been sick and not exercised, I still had a loss, even though it was smaller, because I still eat the same regardless!

But I do think, if you don't mind me saying, that you should think of the health benefits of being physically active & not just weight loss, also the difference in your muscle tone if you start regularly exercising will be amazing, and you will look like you've lost even more weight from it.

As I said I go to the gym 4 days religiously and i do an hours cardio, and I follow a split weights program, then I go to Bootcamp twice a week, my weighing day is usually my rest day. I also try to do a Pilates DVD 4-5 evenings a week before bed, it's only 30mins but focuses on the core which I find helps my back after an old injury niggles me from running.

I think it's great your going to start exercising, it will give you heaps of energy if nothing else! Good luck x
I walk my dog about half hour - to hour each day. If you don't have a dog - just go for a walk. Put your music on and just go. I've just posted now though that I'm about to join Curves and wondered if people have had good success with it

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