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slimming world and under active thyroid


i was wondering if anyone can help, i would like to lose weight i have been thinking about joining the SW. I have an under active thyroid and find it hard to lose weight i do go to the gym 3 - 4 dys a week but have not lost anything i am not a massive eater. i was wondering if anyone else has and under active thyroid and how the getting on with losing weight with SW. I am hoping someone will reply i am soo stressed as nuthing works for me. i am about 14st.

thanks ali:cry::cry::cry::cry:
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Hiya, sorry I have no idea about the thyroid issue but I do know that SW is a great diet if you love your food and want to lose weight slowly by eating lots of lovely healthy food with the odd naughty treat along the way! You could try going to one of the classes near you - you are under no obligation to join if it's not right for you..or chat to your GP they should be able to advise. Good luck Vx


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Hiya sorry I don't know much about under active thyroids but like previous poster said give the group a go and have a chin-wag with your GP. Good luck in what ever you decide on.:)
Hmm my grandma has an underactive thyroid but has managed to lose over three stone so far on SW. It's taken her nearly a year to do it but by taking it slowly and not being disheartened over small losses of 1/2- 1 1/2 pounds a week, she's done it! I think it just needs lots of detirmination and perseverence!
I don't like SW personnaly... but I have an underactive thyroid and I do manage to lose weight when I properly commit to dieting. (Huge point that... cos I haven't done in a year! as my tracker shows)

So long as your medication is properly balanced there is no reason against losing weight.... though it may be slower than others. With determination you will lose weight on any diet you choose! :)
Yes - slimming world works for underactive thyroid!

I was born without a thyroid gland and have taken levothyroxine since 6days old.
I have managed to lose a stone in 7 weeks following the slimming world green and red plans. It is possible, you just need willpower - i will add that i tried and failed many other plans before this! x
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I have hypothyroidism and have only been following the plan for almost three weeks, but I have lost 5 and a half pounds (at 2 weigh ins) so far, so it does seem to be effective. I hope somebody comes along soon who is further along the road :)


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Ive got an under active thyroid and on 75 micrograms of thyroxin a day. Im 45 years old. Im following the SW diet and mix my days with mostly EE and Red. Ive lost 3 stone in weight and my weightloss in nothing different, on a weekly basis than the rest of the group. I would say that mine is above average most weeks.

I do have the odd week that I dont lose anything but then I just increase my food intake. Its my body telling me to speed up my metabolism.


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Hi, I've got underactive thyroid - I'm on 125mcg thyroxine daily. I've lost 4st 4lbs in just over a year on SW. I do mainly green days with maybe 1 or 2 EE days each week.
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I`m 30 years old, Hypo-Thyroid (underactive), and i`m on 150mcg Thyroxine daily ... I only started 2 weeks ago but have lost 6lbs so far ... :)

Just realised this is a "thread from the dead" the OP was in Dec 2007 lol !!


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hi my mums under active after being over active and having treatment over 20 years ago
she is also just started slimming world and coping ok. how much do u know about being underactive. i know mum doesnt eat certain foods cos they interact with the thyroid
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I have an underactive thyroid and take 175g levothyroxine daily and started SW
almost 6 weeks ago.
I lost 3lbs then 2.5 then 1.5, as weight loss was slowing down was told to eat more, so I did and then only lost .5. So told to eat even more, did and put on 1lb, so had to eat even more and this week in 4 days I've already put on a 1lb.
I am eating only the permitted foods and staying well under 70 syns a week.
Had TSH levels checked and that's only.8 so should be fine.
I'm also gluten and wheat intolerant so no bread, cereal etc.
Please can anyone help, it's seems that as I increased my carbs with potatoes and rice (which I avoided in first 3 weeks) I have started to gain weight.
Sorry it's such a long post but I am so desperate as I have 4 stone to lose, I just don't know what to do.
S: 14st13lb C: 12st8.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 2st5lb(15.79%)
thanks so much for your reply, guess that's what I should do and just hope to get back to losing between the 1 and 2 lbs.
I have just felt completely overfull this week and don't like the bloated feeling.
onwards and down for us all.
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I too am under active and take 75mcg a day of thyroxine..I don't have any probs WHEN i put my mind to it..Unfortunately at the mo i've had a major op and can't really be bothered..
I also can't believe how many people are in the same boat.I don't actually know anyone who take thyroxine (friends i mean).It's nice to know i'm not alone :D
Good luck all of you with your losses x


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hi, with my mum at moment and she is on 75mg levo and 100mg the following day under doctors advice as this seems to help her symptoms, so far she has lost 15lb in 7 weeks on extra easy. she has fulling breakfast and various other foods with no or low syns, she has been advised from others that have thyroid issues not to eat, cabbage,broccoli and sweetcorn. very limited banana, she was hoping someone here may be able have seen this in papers and been told same.
she is also taking water tablets and anti acid tablets. mum started at 18st 3 and joined ww 6 years ago and then switched to sw, last 2 weeks she hasnt lost....
S: 14st13lb C: 12st8.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 2st5lb(15.79%)
Thanks all for your replies, guess I just have to keep trying, but again today's weight is slightly up. Not great as definitley didn't eat anything I shouldn't. Think I'm going to talk to my doctor and see what she says.
Wishing everyone luck.
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3 stone in a year with underactive Thyroid is AMAZING, that is what I'm hoping to do. WOW! That has given me hope I try to stay positive when I lose half or just maintain but it's really difficult thank you (and your Grandma) for giving me hope, finally I may be able to convince my brain that it will actually work if I just stick to it :D THANKS

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