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Slimming World Chips

Do you par boil them before you put the in the oven? Are you cutting them into equal sizes? If some are smaller/thinner than others they will burn before other bits are cooked. What temperature do you cook them at?

I boil mine for about 8 min, then drain, fluff about a bit in the colander to roughen the edges up, spray with Fry Light and roast for about 40min at 160C (fan) turning once or twice.

If you have no luck the best solution is to cook them covered in foil until they are tender, then take the foil off and leave them to crisp up for 10 min or however long. I do this all the time with veg that are quite tough such as swede, or when I am cooking stuff covered in spices that would burn otherwise.
I made them for the first time the other night and under the advice of my consultant I didn't scrimp on the fry light... Feels a bit odd spraying so much but it seems to be working, they were lovely!!
If you are struggling with an oven I would say to try and save up and invest in an actifry. They are very expensive but worth every penny and make the best slimming world chips. We debated for ages about whether it was worth buying one and saved up and haven't regretted it one bit and you can make loads of other things in there too - veggies, little new potatoes, rice dishes. It comes with a good cook book and lots of the recipes can be adapted to SW.
We have 2 SW chip tactics.
1) Cut potatos into 6 wedges with skins on - par boil for 10 mins - cover in fry light butter, salt, paprika - oven for 30 mins at 180 then whack the oven up to max for the last 10 mins for crisping up!
2) Use a mandoline to cut them super skinny like McDs (sometimes need to give the potatos 10 seconds in the microwave to soften it a touch) - frylight and salt and straight in the oven without par boiling. 25mins ish at 180.
Check your potatoes are the best type, I find Maris Piper, Wilja, or Baking potatoes best!

Oh and with Frylight 'squirt till it hurts'!
I don't par boil them (as i found sometimes they go a bit soggy if i've over done it)
I peel and cut potato into chips/wedges then put in the microwave for 4-7mins (depends on your microwave) and it cooks them fine then spray with frylight, also coat with crumbled up chicken oxo,garlic salt and pepper and do in the oven for about 20mins:)
I made these for part of our first sw dinner last night and was amazed how much my husband loved them, such a fuss pot! mine weren't golden though :( great tips here! activefry for xmas for me i think? hehe xx
mine weren't golden though :( great tips here! activefry for xmas for me i think? hehe xx
Try cooking them for longer. I think it depends on your oven. I do mine at 200 degrees for about 40 minutes, and lots of Frylight! I par-boil them for 4 minutes.

I also agree about potato variety - I find Maris Piper to be best.
I got moaned at by my OH last time I made them because I didn't make enough bur this time I think I've gone slightly overboard! There are loads :-/
Lucky they're free eh?!
I think I am going to invest in actifry as I love chips and here in Italy they don't sell frylight.... Any other ideas on oil substitute? With actifry I could use the oil from healthy option...how many syns if I cook frozen chips in actifry?
I ended up buying Airfryer where you need no oil!! Costly but still have to try homemade chips ...tonight was in a rush and put frozen chips and counted syns...very nice!!!!


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