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slimming world - failure????

been on this plan on and off for few months (mostly on) but not losing. stick to plan nearly all week (maybe chinese on sat ngt and roast dinner sun) but have only lost 1 lb. i have 2 glasses of wine per eve but these are within my syns so struggling to find the answer to my non-loss? :cry:i don't have time for exercise but have two young children so i'm on the go most of the time. any advice? i have mostly red days but don't feel i must be doing something wrong - typical day: yoghurt, fruit, chicken salad or chicken stew, meat with roast veg, and then 2 wines. 2 ryvita with 28g cheese. pls help I'm losing the will. i'm 9st 9 lb xx
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Hi there,
sorry to hear you are struggling. First off you are not a failiure. From experience in class its usually either not measuring things or getting syns wrong. Are you really exact with the wine as its a killer re syns. Also making sure the yoghurts are the free ones, removing the fat from meat has caught people out as has thinking all types of a certain product are free. I thought you could eat smoked cooked mackeral but it should be sinned for example.
When you cook stews do you make sure you skim off the fat. Its easier to make things the day before , cool, then fat comes to the top.

Hope this is helpful. Don't give up on your dreams of losing weight.
Ps are you going to a class and staying??
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I ♥ Slimming World :)
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It might be the chinese and roast if they are off plan.

Try to follow the plan to the letter for a whole week, and see if you lose.

Good luck :)


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How tall are you and are you sure you need to lose weight? I'm 5'7" and all the BMI charts etc tell me my ideal weight is 9stone - 11 1/2 stone BUT many many many years ago (when I was still a teen, just!) I got down to 11 stone and looked anorexic.
thanks for everyone's advice. i suppose if i'm totally honest with myself, having a couple of treats at the weekend is ruining all my good work through the week. i just want to be slim but not put in any work lol,xx
Hi there, I started the slimming world diet as I know so many people who have lost stone after stone. I followed the plan for 8wks and gave up after gaining 6lbs then maintaining it. I was told by my cousin that I actually wasn't eating enough. I have started the diet again and have followed the alternate green and original plan for 4days now and still not lost any despite following the slimming world magazine 7day Dec issue plan. Is there anything I could be doing as I just feel bloated. I'm just over my ideal BMI at 20.33 however I've been told it should still work for me. Is there any other reason why I'm not losing like everyone else seems to be?
S: 21st0lb C: 19st11lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 42.1 Loss: 1st3lb(5.78%)
hi luwat if you dont have much to lose you may take quite a while to loose a couple of pounds. are you having syns? in class most people reduce these towards reaching target. the other thing lots of people fail on is measuring especially wine and spirits.
hope this helps. also your body may just be saying this is a great weight for you to be???

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