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Slimming world journey

Hello everyone!
I'm new to this but figured a little bit if support with my weightless can't be a bad thing!
I started slimming world in October and found it really great, I couldn't believe I could eat as much pasta and rice as I liked two of my favourite things!!
By the beginning if December I had lost 13 pounds!! But then came the festive season It didn't help it was my birthday also!! So I relaxed quite a lot on the diet and as a result over December and the new year I gained 8 pounds :0(

But like they say new year new start! I returned to class last week and am determined to shift these pounds!
I have a holiday booked for may so ideally would love to be at target by then! I even booked some personal training sessions to give me some motivation!

I always follow the extra easy plan as i find it works for me! This week hasn't been to bad although it was my friends bday and i had a large slice of cake and a couple of cheeky vodkas ! I have been good all week despite that though!

My weigh in is tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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Good luck Rena!

In the same situation as yourself however this time it's the first time I've tried SW and I absolutely love it! DON'T beat yourself up about those 8 pounds, it's Christmas and if you didn't put on that amount of weight than you didn't spend it the right way!

I hope you have an amazing weight loss and let me know how you do!

R x
Good luck Reena! :)
My weigh in day is Monday - I only started yesteday... so feeling positive!! This site is great for motivation when you feel like raiding the biscuit tin!! :)
Katie xx
Aww don't give up... you're going in the right direction! :) I'll let you know how I get on... been on extra easy this is my first week and weigh in Monday... i'm dreading it!!
Katie xx
You will be fine! First week you normally get sine good results! How are you getting on with the plan!!
No I wont give up although I did feel a little disheartened!
My consultant was saying because I've been doing exercise with my trainer this week my muscles may be retaining water so that may have contributed!
I'm trying to stay positive I think I need to change the way u follow the plan a bit so that's why I was going to try the red day and see if that makes a difference!!

I must confess I was feeling disappointed so I came home and ate sone chips ( holds head down in Shame).

I promise tomorrow I'm right back on the plan!
I have 4 months to loose 3 stone so I need to up my anti!!!

Good luck for the weigh in? How r u doing? Any cravings or tips?x
Hey aw don't feel bad about the chips, over a full week they can't make that much difference! Have u tried making the chips yourself? Think I'm going to try them tomorrow and see how they turn out! Well I think I'm doing well so far, strictly followed for last 3 days and not really getting hungry, had 6.5 syns first day and 9.5 yesterday.. Not sure if the less syns the better? Or whether u actually need some syns! I'm aiming for a 3lb loss on Monday so I hope I can do it! Really craving everything that smells nice!! Lol :) although.. I had a syn free muller light this morning, the orange and choc one and it was gorgeous!! How are you getting on today? Xx
Today not too bad I had an omelette food brekkie cooked with fry light.
For lunch I used my b choice for 2 slices of bread from a nimble loaf and had a ham sandwich! An apple, some grapes and a muller light vanilla yoghurt!
I was feeling peckish after work so I've just bought a boots shapers mint and chocolate bar and had 2 of this they r 4 syns each and are lovely and help when your having a chocolate craving ( I like them becoz they have less syns than the slimming world bars!
I'm on my way home now but plan to make sine chicken breasts and have that with salad and kidney beans on the side!!

I think it's good to use up your syns if y need them my first week I only had 6 a day because I thought u would loose more weight however when I eat all of my syns I still seem to loose! My advice would be to use those syns if u want them!

I have made the slimming world chips they are lovely use king Edward potatoes ! I normally have them with beans or spaghetti!!!

Muller light is great for when your craving something sweet, sometimes I put banana with mine it makes it more filling!! Remember any fat free yoghurt is free! Nom do a nice one you can get it in Iceland and the weight watchers range is fat free- they do a nice mango and pineapple one!!

Good luck with the rest of the week!
Aww fab some great tips there thanks! :) I'm going to go to boots this weekend and get some! I had loads of choc before I started so they might just satisfy the craving!!
For breakfast today u had 1 slice of ww bread with low fat marg and a mullerlight, just had an orange and for lunch I'm having low fat cheese sandwich with apple. Going to have an Alpen light bar for a snack and For tea I'm going to have chicken, potatoes and veg with gravy as a syn! Going to a party tonight but just going to drink diet coke!! Will save me a fortune!! :) how's your day going/gone? Xx
hi, keep it up you are both doing really well and soon sticking to plan will be more routine so less of a hassle. Just a couple of things though, be careful picking your fat free yogurts as not all of them are syn free. The nom yogurts are 2 syns a 180g pot!! I tend to stick to shape zero if I'm after a creamy filling yogurt and the muller light ones if I want something runnier to have with jelly or fruit as a desert.

My best advice is to use your syns up - logic seems to say using less syns will make you lose weight quicker but in reality it doesn't seem to work that way. I try to stick to around 10 a day which gives me leeway over the weekend if I'm out for a meal or fancy a drink. Also planning your food is really what seems to make this work. There are loads of fab recipes on this sight - capricorns thread and britmums threads have loads of good ideas on things to eat.

Anyway good luck, keep tracking, it'll soon be summer and think how much better we will all feel being smaller than we are today xx
you could always find out the syns and work it in for the weekend? your're looking at between 11 and 17 syns depending on the type so you could have one without it stuffing up the whole day x
I resisted the donaughts! Very proud of myself! Today wasn't too bad but felt extra hungry today I think u need to eat more at breakfast but that's not always east because of time in the morning!
I've made slimming world chips seasoned with some paprika, chicken breast from last night and some broccoli!
Tomorrow think I'm going to try making dime super free soup!!
So far so good.......
Hi Im new. I started on Monday and really excited about it. My sister is getting married in october and I want to look good in my bridesmaid dress! The other bridesmaid is tall blonde and skinny so I want to make sure I dont look too dumpy beside her! lol
Welcome alice! :) we're all in the same boat so feel free to come n chat at any time :)
I've done extra easy all week first weigh in is tonight :s we'll see.. Lol!
How u getting on reena? Xx

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