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Slimming World on a Budget...Possible?!


Wanna be loser!!
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I graduated in July 2010 and haven't been able to work since - I had a debilitating accident, but have since had an operation and now back on my feet I'm actively job seeking and hope that I wont be jobless for much longer.

I weigh around the 18 stone mark and I know that I need to go back to Slimming World for good, before I end up gaining more weight. My only source of income is my job seekers allowance at the moment, in my head I could probably follow the plan but personally I feel like I benefit from good image therapy and so want to go to class.

Is Slimming Word a diet you could follow on a tight budget? What kinds of bargain items could I buy to follow this diet?

Any advice would be fantastic, I am rejoining on Tuesday 4th January xx
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rainbows holiday buddy :)
you can do it on the cheap if you use potatoes and pasta as a staple for lots of your meals. i spend reasonably on food, but have saved so much money now that i don't have takeaways or thoughtlessly throw a box of ferrero rocher in my basket for after dinner!

if you plan your week before you shop you can budget well. ie have leftovers for lunch the following day, use leftover veg to make bubble and squeek for dinner the next day, etc.
I also have a similar problem. I tend to stick to mainly green days as potatoes and pasta are so cheap and I find I have to eat a hell of a lot of meat to feel full!! Get yourself plenty of herbs and spices and stock up on things that freeze when they are on offer.
Good luck with your weight loss, I have about 10stone more to lose but I have lost 2 1/2 nearly in my first 12 weeks and I feel amazing!! You can do it x
Plan meals carefully, shop around, use local markets etc - all helps to make SW easier on a budget.

Have you thought about asking at your doctors for a referral voucher - could save you a lot of money over the 3 months it's for.


Now to maintain.....
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yes it can easily be done on a budget!
the main staples are cheap and planning also helps.
me and my hubby have done slimming world all the way on a budget.
we plan our meals....this really helps.we shop around....often using aldi's super 6 as our main fruit and veg and then whatevers cheapest.
it really helps to keep an eye on whats on offer at various shops.i guess really if you are prepared to compromise then yes it can very easily be done on a budget.
if you expect to eat certain things(strawberries,certain meats),follow recipies to the dot etc then it can be expensive.
we knew what our budget was and we comfortably do sw-and have gotten to target within that.
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Yes I agree with what everyone else has said ... if u follow a menu and take a list of what u need to the shops then u should be fine .. also we try and eat whatever fruit and veg is in season at the time .... GOOD LUCK xxx
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I dont spend alot at all, usually about €20 a week, in that i get all my veg to make super speed soup for a week of lunches, fruit for fruit salad for breakfast everyday, a loaf of bread, eggs, pasta & rice & every few weeks i stock up on cheapy frozen veg from aldi, which i make bubble and squeak from & freeze in portions.

I do extra easy and it works for me!!


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There is a section dedicated to students and people on a tight budget on the slimming world website which you will get free access to once you join. It has a sample week menu and a shopping list. Its very good!

I have always worked to a budget but once in a while i splash out and buy in the ingredients to try a new recipe :) xx


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I'm on a budget too, not JSA tight, but tight all the same. Would it be possible for someone to send me this menu/shopping list sample as I cant access the SW website.

Tah my lovelies!


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Definitely possible. Bulk buy things and freeze. Always make double quantity and then you can have some the next day or freeze for later on.

Good luck :)
I too need to start working to a budget. I havent quite worked out what that budget is yet - but it needs to be right cut back from what we currently spend. With VAT going up, everything other than food is going to get more expensive, so I need to make sure that I spend less on food so I can cover all the other things.


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We are on a budget too. The cost of living here has shot up.

I buy as economically as I can and buy lots of pulses . I tend to do more green days than red. Chickpeas are a perfect meat substitute. I love them curried, in any kind of sauce and as an oil free humus for spreading on ryvitas.

Mushy peas are another great filler and with mint or oregano added take on a whole new dimension as the filler for a baked potato.

SW egg and chips is another favourite here especially served with baked beans.


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S: 15st11.5lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st11.5lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 3st7.5lb(22.35%)
Corrine I usually just throw everything in, all frozen veg broccoli, carrots, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, peas, sweetcorn, swede. I usually get a huge saucepan cook it all up then freeze into portions, sometimes to give my losses a boost I have the veg every morning as bubble and squeak with an egg & baked beans and then have the veg again for dinner with roast pots & chicken or something..

My meals Arnt very inventive I'm afraid but they work for me :)

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