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Slimming World On~Line Question

Hi there,

I have a question about the Slimming World on~line site and weigh in days.

Up until now I have been weighing in on a Wednesday ~ go to Boots every week.

On Friday I decided to Join SW on~line and they asked for your start weight ~ I gave last Wednesday weigh in results. All well and good


It appears that I can't imput my weight again until Next Friday.

Do I wait until a week Wednesday to put my weight in, change my weigh in day to Friday OR Is there a way to change your weigh in day on~line?

Any answers or advice early awaited.

Judith & Pickle the Wonder Dog
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Q: I keep track of my progress on LifelineOnline. How often can I enter my weight details?
A: When you log on to the website, we’ll remind you to enter your new weight every 7 days. You can change your on-screen reminder to pop up the day after your Slimming World group, if you like. Visit the 'My Slimming World > update my details' section for more details.

So you go to: Edit your personal details. It's one of the drop down options.
Thanks for your reply, however I am not talking about LifeLine I am talking Slimming World on~line ..... think it used to be called BodyOptimise.

I did look on the site and you can't edit details and all I have got is a little note that says, under check your progress...."
You last entered your weight on 03/06/2011. You’ll be able to weigh-in again on 10/06/2011."

Thanks for your help..... Maybe I'm the only one that does daft things like join on pay~day which isn't weigh day!

Judith & PIckle the wonder dog


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As far as I know its the same website, so go to "update your details" and it's in there. It's under My Slimming world.
Thanks..... I found Update My Details and everything but change weigh day..... Ah well.......

Might chnage to Friday after all *sigh*

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog


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You can't change the day but you have 7 days to weigh in so can chose which day you want to enter your weight. For example, I signed up on a monday but weigh-in on a wednesday. You can decide which day suits you best.


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Yeah, the SW online site doesn't have set weigh-in days - it has 'week beginning', and the week begins on the day you signed up. So in your case it'll always prompt you to weigh in on a Friday - but that means you can weigh in Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs. Whichever you like :)

If you're keen to keep your WI date as a Wednesday then you have two choices: 1) weigh in this Wednesday and then wait two days to enter your weight on the site. You'll have to do this each week. 2) Don't weigh yourself this Wednesday. The site will prompt you to enter your weight this Friday, but you leave it until next Wednesday. After that you'll be able to weigh in on Wednesday and enter your weight on the same day.

I hope that makes sense! :)
Makes perfect sence to me!

Thanks to you all for all your help.

where would I be without you?

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
I messed up all my weights when I firdt started but I contacted them and they changed them all for me, i'm sure you could do the same for the day!
I've had this problem as well, you can't personally change your details. You have to email them and ask them to change it for you. Problem with this is you have to wait up to 7days for a reply. Which is pretty annoying.

Q: Can I change my 'weigh-in' day?

A: Please email us by using the ‘contact us’ form (the link is at the bottom of every page on the site). Please let us know your name, registered email address and which day you'd like your weigh-in to be, and we’ll alter this for you.

By changing your weigh-in day, this may affect your weigh-in for the following week (it could be more or less than 7 days).


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I'm the same started my diet Tuesday weighed myself Wednesday and joined online today. so I've done it all back to front. will prob just weigh myself weds and update it on Fridays when filling my food diary


bye bye baby tummy
email them to change it but while waiting, dont weigh this wednesday and weigh next wednesday and enjoy 2 weeks worth of loss ;)