1. Eclecticdonkey

    Extra Easy Morning sickness

    Anyone else had bad morning sickness whilst on plan? Struggling to figure meals and meal plans when even the smell of certain foods set me off.
  2. SPE

    Extra Easy 85lbs to go!!!!

    Hello everyone!!! Pregnant slimming worlder here. Almost 23 weeks and feeling great. Had a 10lb pregnancy gain so far, most of that within the first 10 weeks. I controlled the morning sickness by eating, which may have been a mistake but morning sickness is a horrible feeling I only seemed to...
  3. E

    Slimming world whilst pregnant.

    Hey First time i have used this site, I'm 19 weeks pregnant and have gained 10lbs already (6 of those gained over christmas). I gained 5st with my first and really don't want to get myself into that mess again. I have done slimming world before and had a great result so I have started again...
  4. slimmingworldandpregnant

    Extra Easy My Big Fat Pregnancy Diary

    Hey guys!! I'm pregnant, due 29th August 17. I'm really happy about the news. However we started trying and I made it a mission to lose weight, so by the time I became pregnant I'd be slimmer. Well it happened first time and I'm 4 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and I am overweight. 5ft9, 16stone...
  5. MrsE13

    Slimming World Pregnancy Diet

    Hello Everyone!! So I'm pregnant. I'm really happy and excited to be having a 2nd child but also nervous. I am overweight and want to stay in control while pregnant. It isn't so much about the weight gain but more about the control. Say to me 'you can eat what you want for 9 months' and I...
  6. J

    Baby slimming..

    Hey all - I've been a member of this site for a little while now and I really want to try and keep a food diary here. Joined SW in August last year and have been doing really well. Lost 4stone 5lb so far and got another 4 stone or so to go. I've tried so many different diets and had some success...
  7. K

    Syns How to choose wisely at a carvery

    Hi all new to this forum but it looks so helpful and I need help! Rejoined SW last night and im out for a carvery tomorrow night! does anyone know the syn value of the generic carvery foods ? Roast spuds gravy yorkishire stuffing etc.... I will of course load up on veg and cut fat off my meat...
  8. Sawyer

    Sawyer - To Pregnancy and Beyond!

    I have been on this site before. May 2011 to be exact and I loved it. Been back and forward for nearly 5 years trying to be good, watching what I eat but have never stuck with anything. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 15 months now, with no luck and it turns out my cycle is...