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slimming word

  1. J

    Kit kat chunky snack size

    Hi can someone tell me the syn value for the kit kat Chucky snack size please can’t seem to find the syn values for them Thanks
  2. H

    Chippy after night out alternative

    So I started slimming world this week but I’ve got a night out with old friends this weekend... bad week to start! So I want to try and avoid going to the chippy after but know I’ll be hungry. So what can I have/prepare when I get home that’s not too bad? (Please don’t say an apple that’s just...
  3. S

    Syns in Linda mccartney sausages so confused

    I am so confused, some say that the Linda McCartney sausages 6 pack chilled is 2 sync but some say 1/2 syns Arghh I have them in the fridge and really desperate Sorry I dont have a calculator
  4. S

    Syns in Linda mccartney sausages so confused

    I am so confused, some say that the Linda McCartney sausages 6 pack chilled is 2 sync but some say 1/2 syns Arghh I have them in the fridge and really desperate Sorry I dont have a calculator
  5. H

    How many syns?

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody could please tell me how many syns is 1 cookie from the free from gluten, wheat & milk chocolate chip cookie range at Tesco? I have recently started doing Slimming World on my own and I can't seem to find anywhere how many syns there are. Thankyou :)
  6. W

    ALPEN cereal

    Hello does anybody know how many syns in Alpen Dark Chocolate swiss style muesli? Thank you :)
  7. Cherene

    My Slimming World Jouney

    Hey everyone, This is my first post ever so I hope I’m doing it right! So I’ve been on Exante for the last 6 months, I started in April and lost 3 stones 10lbs. I decided I wanted to increase my activity and started going gym 4 times a week .. this was hindering my weight loss with Exante...
  8. J

    Eating rice on Slimming world.

    I eat rice everyday on Slimming world, will I still loose weight. I use the boil in the bag rice and I don’t add any oils or butter. I have meat, rice and vegetables. Is this ok really need advice. Thanks
  9. J

    Porridge HEXB

    Can I use the oats so simple original as healthy b as I've heard you can't as you can only use the big bowel. Any help is great. Thanks x
  10. T

    Aldi dried egg noodles

    Hi I can't find any info about Aldi dried egg noodles,are they syn free please? Also does anyone know if Morrisons sliced honey ham if free too on EE?
  11. J

    What is the best bread to eat for your healthy B ???

    There are so many different types of bread and was wondering what is the best one that wont put the weight on that i can take for my lunch at work. Thanks
  12. Becky :-)

    I'm new! Slimming world online...

    Hi everyone. I've lost 1st since new year using slimming world online - slow but sure progress (very slow!). I've not renewed my slimming world subscription and am attempting to go alone, so I thought it'd be useful to get tips and inspiration on here! Any tips (slimming world or minimins...
  13. C

    Extra Easy Days Sticky chicken

    Hi.... i made this but it didnt go sticky. I dont know what I did wrong. I left chicken cubes in the marinade for 30 mins and then put ALL in oan. Should I have cooked Chicken and then put the marinade in to go sticky?? Thanks guys
  14. Chunky_Tiger

    Chunky_Tiger's SW Journey

    Hi everyone! :D I've decided to re-start my Slimming World Journey again tomorrow. I've joined around 4 times to groups over the last year, and miserably failed every time. I had a mental breakdown in a clothes store yesterday due to the fact the jeans I tried on wouldn't even get up my...
  15. Eclecticdonkey

    Extra Easy Morning sickness

    Anyone else had bad morning sickness whilst on plan? Struggling to figure meals and meal plans when even the smell of certain foods set me off.
  16. CK101

    In need of a SW Buddy!

    Hi Ladies, I started SW before Xmas and lost a stone by Feb. I have unfortunately fallen off the wagon since then and want to shift another 2 stone but I know I am going to need some support in doing it. When I look back on how well I did and how quickly, I am not quite sure how I managed! I...
  17. CrazyMoo

    BeFree Wraps

    Hi, I know you are able to count 1 BeFree wrap as your HexB but what if you wanted to syn it.....How many syns would 1 of the regular BeFree wraps be... ...Does anyone know?? Thanks in advance, SHELL!! :eating:
  18. CrazyMoo

    Journey to a new Me

    Hi!! I'm new & wanted to introduce myself..... Im Michelle (Shell), 32 from Liverpool I feel embarrassed of myself in this picture.....Can not fathom how Ive allowed my body to get into such a poor condition. :badmood: It was seeing this picture & others from recent trips & family gatherings...
  19. SWnewbie17

    Syn usage - in between meals?

    Hi, I'm new to this so bear with me! I've had a look around but I'm not sure if I can eat my Syns between meals? Or only with meals. Can I only eat free fruit and veg between meals? e.g. can I have a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits mid afternoon or is that not allowed?! TIA! :-)
  20. M

    How many syns in ham?

    Sainsbury have got their own range of BeGood ham, it's 22 cals per slice, or is there a better ham I can use? And also what bacon is syn free? Thank you!