Slimming World quick meal ideas and recipes??


Hey ya'll! I just joined slimming world recently and despite enjoying the food plan, I'm running out of ideas for lunch/dinner meals. I enjoy cooking but I don't have the time to make a lot of the recipes on the website.

I was wondering if we could compile a collection of easy and quick meal and snack ideas!?


My favourites:
Snack: cucumber and chickpeas with lemon juice
Lunch: Salad with chickpeas, couscous and balsamic vinegar
Dinner: Quorn bolgnese with mushrooms!
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If you don't have time why not try the grab and go section of the book.

Also, I have things like Pasta N' Sauce packs on a green day, which takes about 10 mintues in microwave and are syn free (apart from macaroni and 1 other).

Or try mug shots <1% are free......... urrrm, savoury rice with chopped veg and then crack an egg in it when it's cooked.

Urrrmm... I only really have green days so can't help much on red. x


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Well Ive just had free sw chips, mushy peas and egg (frylight) all free on a green day.........................On another note, lets all jot down here our favourite "quick" meals and help each other out??? xx


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I made vegetable 'fritata' last night - just put aubergine, courgette, onion in a sauce pan for a few mins, with some garlic, pepper and salt, then transferred to a quiche dish with some whisked eggs. I also put in my 5 laughing cows cut up. Oven for 10 mins. It was delicious. Took about 20 mins all in, but only about 5 mins of chopping up etc. I guess you could add meat for a red day too.

I bought some pasta and sauces today - thpought I'd check them out since other people rave about them...

Good luck.x


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For a quickie meal, I make up a Pasta-n-Sauce, but drop vegetables in at the start of cooking...whatever I have in, broccoli, sprouts, butternut squash, etc, and let the veg cook in with the pasta. It's not exactly cordon bleu dining, but it's tasty and filling and only takes about 15 minutes from starting to your first bite!

Also, making things in advance and freezing back portions is a very quick and easy option.


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My fav on a green day is my Lentil Dhal and double pasta lasange and on a red day my fav is chicken kebabs. The recipes are in the recipe sticky above!

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fave green day recipie is beany pie which is on the recipie thread above and fave red day recipie is casserole of any kind, i have cooking days when i have the time and cook portions of things so for days when i am in a rush i just need to defrost them and cook them and instant beef or chicken casserole :)


Red Days
Turkey kebabs
Sardines on toast
A fry up! :-D
Proper mince bolognese with a healthy B of wholemeal pasta

Green Days

Beans on toast
Pasta n Sauce
Baked potatoes!!!
Quorn burgers/sausages
potato wedges *homemade or frozen*
Tinned spaghetti or pasta shapes (Bob the builder! haha)

fruit is great as a portable snack. I eat looads of yoghurt too. :) yum


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My favourite green day is either SW chips with mushy peas or Pasta & Sauce Mushroom and Wine flavour with low fat cheddar sprinkled on top (delish - I think I have an addiction to that flavour).
For green day sandwiches I have roasted butternut squash and sweet potato (from Sainsbury's) with loads of fine cut salad on two slices of nimble.


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Mmm - I feel hungry now (which is impossible if you look how much I've eaten today in my diary!!) x


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I echo much of the above, but I SWEAR by a chopped up hardboiled egg, mixed into cottage cheese. I have it on it's own for brekkie, on a baked tattie for lunch, as a snack in the evening, and even alongside my main meal at times! lol

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I was addicted to Pasta, with baked beans and cheese!

We use quorn a lot to make chilli or curry's - batch cook a load and freeze it - its better when you eat it next time round! Quorn cracked pepper fillets with SW chips is also good. I love tesco Value Golden Vegetable Savoury Rice for a quick lunch or Batchelors fat free noodles.

FA xx


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Green days:
stir fries with pre-marinated tofu and noodles - add chinese 5 spice, dash of nam plah fish sauce and soya sauce. If you're feeling adventurous add proper ginger and chilli!

heinz sweet chili beans with jacket potato

sainsbury's vegetarian tinned ravioli

'fried' egg, potato wedges (microwave a jacket spud, cut into wedges and put in the oven for 15 minutes) and beans or mushy peas

red days

tinned curried mackerel on toast

boil in the bag beef with green vegetables and 2 frozen yorkshires (5 syns for 2)

weightwatchers sausages (half a syn each) with oven roasted tomatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms (drizzle with a little balsamic vinegar before roasting) served with scrambled egg


Thanks for your ideas everyone! Anyone have any EASY and QUICK recipes that arent pre-packaged? I'm allergic to dairy so I can't have any of the recipes/ pre-packaged foods with cheese which really makes things difficult. Any good salad/sandwich options??

*** Di ***

Chilli Bean Pot (free on Green)

Tin Mixed Beans with Chilli Sauce
Tin(s) of any other Beans - Baked - Aduki - Chick - tons of others (look at speed food ones)
Tin Chopped Tomatoes
Chopped Onion
Seasonings / herbs / chilli to taste.

Dry fry - or Frylight - onions. Add beans - tomatoes - seasonings - herbs.
Bubble gently until cooked!

Sometimes I add pasta as well.

Could add meat - tuna on an Original Day too.


Marmite and LCXL on toast is a good quick one,
Fruit is always a staple,
Best thing to do is make something the night before (quiche, lasagna etc) and munch on it the next day xx


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I always make sure I've got a packet of asda m/f bolognese in the cupboard, so then when I get home from work late & haven't prepared anything, I can have a spag bol within about 10 mins.

Tip if you make it up as stands it seemd to be missing something, so I chuck some dried onions in just to add a little flavour.

Also Sometimes I mix fresh boiled pots with cheesy smash, pasta & sauce, seasoning, laughing cow light (HEA) about 700ml or more if needed of boiling water, pour into a dish top with low fat cheddar (HEB) & bake for about 20mins 1/2 hour.

Hope this helps

Lisa x


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Shepherds pie is quick and easy and if your following green - use quorn instead of mince. Same goes for spag bol and chilli.
When I can't be bothered with cooking I microwave a jacket potato and top it with laughing cow triangle and sweetcorn. Pasta and sauce packets are always good for a quick and easy meal too


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I know this might be a bit of a stupid question but I just started and can't get my head around it. If a Pasta n sauce, chicken & mushroom, excl milk & butter, dried, 122g pack, is green free, red 22 syns then what do i go with if I am on extra easy???? Do I need to fill 1/3 of my plate with vegetables and then it's free or is it just free on it's own?

Hope someone knows what I'm trying to say! :eek:) x

Thanks in advance...x