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Slimming World Sugars


New Member

I have been looking at the horrors of added sugar in your diet (stay away apparently).
Made me wonder about the slimming world plan, in regards to added sugar?

You eat a lot of fruit/veg etc but that sugar seems to be fine but what about the yogurts and other low fat things! They have so much sugar in them no?

I just want to live for a long time and be healthy (thin) hahaha.

Any thoughts?
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Usually, on slimming world, things with high sugar are 'synned' its not only things containing fat.
The lovely people at HQ are always re-evaluating foods
A recent example was the big tubs of yoghurt particularly Onken yoghurts 450g,
although they are fat free and similar to muller light yoghurts (which are FREE on slimming world) they found that the big pots had more sugar in them and people were tending to eat the whole pot rather than just a serving so they had to 'syn' the big pots of yoghurt.

Slimming world looks at all the nutritional info to decide whether it is free or 'synned' they dont just look at fat content

With regards to living healthily, artificial sugars arent great either, eg sweetner, but in small quantities its okay.
Full fat natural foods such as yoghurt or milk etc are 'healthiest' but you have to pay strict attention to portion guidelines. Things tat are sugar and fat free usually have added stuff to make it taste good but its all artificial so not healthy!

Personally, I'm just trying to get the weight off first and then focussing on healthy living after :)