Slimming World Newbie... BLOATING!!!


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I started slimming world this week and think im doing well but im so bloated 😭

my diet today

overnight oats - with blueberries and raspberries 0% greek yogurt

fake fry up - two linda macartney rosemary and onion sausages, mushrooms, two eggs and 2 tbsp no added sugar baked beans

steak n chips - quorn peppered steak, slimming world chips 1 tbsp no added sugar baked beans

2 satsumas

homemade butternut squash soup

tin of mackerel in tomato sauce and 2 laughing cow light triangles

mint choc options drink

why am i so bloated???? Is this normal???? Worried im going to have gained for first weigh in, i feel huge!!
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As you only started this week, it would be hard to say why. I am bloated this week. It happens sometimes. My body balances itself out though. Your daily food looks fine, albeit a little low on speed foods (aim for a third if you can). Increase your water intake, and if you're prone to bloating (like me), aim for de-caffeinated drinks low sodium foods. If your bloating doesn't settle, have a word with your GP.


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Are you eating any muller lights? I found they caused me terrible bloating. With Slimming World don't forget they guarantee you will lose weight, so the consultant will help you if things are not going to plan. Tristar is right - all women should see a doctor if bloating persists and if you stick totally to any diet but do not lose weight ask for a thyroid blood test, just in case it is not working efficiently.