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Slimming world when pregnant

Hi everyone,

Have just found out Im expecting, this will be baby number 3 now. But I just wanted to ask about going to class when pregnant ive only started the plan a couple of weeks but am wondering should I just do it myself instead of paying a class every week when im going to get heavier anyway, and then joining back after Ive had the baby.

Has anyone else done the plan while pregnant?
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Firstly congratulations!!!! How exciting!

Secondly, you can still do SW whilst pregnant, its the only plan that is endorsed by the Midwife Association. I believe that you just have extra A's and other things, but I cant give you a definite answer, Im sure there is someone on here that can.
I found that when I fell pregnant with my Daughter (I was doing SW up until I found it I was pregnant), I couldnt eat salad or fruit..in fact I very rarely ate healthily (hangs head in shame) as I couldnt stomach it and forced myself towards the end to eat it all.
If you feel that you can perservere on your own through the pregnancy, then try it and see.
Its so exciting!!!

Thanks, I was so delighted when I found out, if not a bit anxious my other daughters are 2 and 3 so things will be very busy for a while.
I put on so much weight with my last pregnancy and its so hard to get off that I wanted to try and keep as healthy as possible this time.
And you can eat healthily Huni. You wont be depriving your body even if you stuck to the plan at home. Just remember to take your folic acid and multi vitamins too.
As Mrs V said, doctors and midwives are more than happy for you to stick to SW. I wish to god I had. I wouldn't be in this predicament now if I had! How cool would it be to have the baby and be pre-pregnancy weight or less. Just let your consultant know, if you decide to stick with class. I'd stick with going to class because I know I'd convince myself that I was doing ok with the plan when in reality I wouldn't be.

congratulations on your lovely news!!!


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Congratulations! As already said, it is fine to follow SW while pregnant but get the adapted version from your SWC.

Kitteh, I didn't know you were doing SW!
congratulations on your news xxx
Lol.. yeah.. i do it at home while im poor.. lol.. and when i can afford it again im going to go back.. i still do it to plan (except im nawdy.. lol.. oops.. )
x x x

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