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Having done the Lipotrim diet and reached a BMI of 22.8, I have stopped doing it, as I was just messing around a lot!:rolleyes: Also, now undergoing radiotherapy treatment for cancer again, and I don't think I should SS whilst having this.

However, I still want to lose another 11 pounds or so, so I am switching to Slimming World. Going to my first class on Thursday. Is there anyone else out there who is following the SW diet, that I could chat with for tips and ideas?

Hiya Cheryl!

Well done on getting to 22.8!

That is nearly a perfect BMI though, are you sure you need to drop anymore ?

Hi Mike

Nice to see you again, used to catch up with you on the DH site many months ago!

I know I am in the middle of the "healthy" range, but I would like to drop a few more pounds. I am 10 11ish at the moment, and the lowest I could go is 9 5, but I don't want to go that low, I feel best at around 10 4 ish, and was down there once! I did stabilise at 10 8, but had a few medical problems recently which cocked things up a bit, and now I can't shift anything!

Thanks..... Cheryl
Hi Cheryl,

Lovely to have you with us and you have done really well on Lipotrim and have done excellent in maintaining all this will have those couple of pesky pounds off in no time.

I hope your radiotherapy treatment goes well for you, you have had a tough old time of it all along and you never seem to let it get the better of you either.

Your an inspiration to all of us and that is for sure.

Your looking brill in your avatar.

Talk soon.

Love Mini xxx
Lipotrim is a full meal replacement where you have 3 shakes a day and water. The idea is your body goes into Ketosis to burn fat but isn't in starvation mode as you are riding the fine line with strict calorie control. It is still going as I'm doing it now.