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Slinky by Christmas!


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Hi all - ive been posting my food diary for the last 3 weeks in the wrong place! - Ive been putting it on weight loss diaries, doh!!!
Here is the link to what I have eaten over those 3 weeks.


Ive lost 10lbs so far and LOVE SLIMMING WORLD at the mo. I will be facing a big challenge this week as I have a do this saturday where there is a set menu and I know the drink will be flowing.
My plan is to save my syns so I can have a 'flexi' day for that.

So far today ive had...

HEA - milk in Tea
Bk - HEB Crunchy Bran, banana

Snack - 2 kiwi fruit

Lunch - LF Supernoodles with sweetcorn, a slice of melon.

Tea- tomato risotto with 1 tsp olive oil 1syn
Snack- wafer thin ham

Hope you are all having a good day - feel free to comment/ give any advice you can.

Rach x
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Friday 15th Oct.. EE

hi all - bloomin freezing today but on the plus side its jumper weather! Am not good with flesh exposing summer.

My food today is a bit too similar to yesterday. Bit of an economy drive - its all well and good gettinb a sicd and varied diet but it costs a packet at the mo. Im trying to use up whats in the cupboard as OH thinjs we are stocking up in case there is a war on!

HEA - always milk
HEB - crunchy bran for breakfast

Snack - cantloupe melon

Dinner - supernoodles with sweetcorn, muller light

Exercise - walked round the trafford centre for 3hrs last night in heely work shoes trying to find shoe, handbag, fascinator combo for a wedding in 2wks... Got to have burnt some fat off!!

Tea - very large portion of garlic, tomato & prawn spaghetti

Also had a tiny chomp 3syns and a percy pig from M&S 2syns....
Total - 5syns


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Confession time

OK so my best laid plans for flexi syns on saturday went a bit astray they were fff..lll..ee.xx..iii syns alright!!

I had stuck to the plan all day having fruit and yoghurt for my breakfast and a big salmon and new potato salad at lunchtime.

Id measured out 6 measures of gin in a bottle of slimline tonic to go under the table and allowed 6 syns for the complementary glass of fizz on the way in...
What i hadnt allowed for was the bottle of red that was put on the table that no-one else was drinkinhg (they were all white wine girls). So after having the fizz, glass of red I was on my way (having not drunk much since staring SW and not having eaten much all day) I proceeded to eat whatever was put in front of me, have the rest of the bottle of red (i think) and christ alone knows what else.
I was rat @rsed!!! Not pretty. Some blow out!

I was dying all day sunday, could keep nothing down at all - only managed a small bowl of plain boiled rice at about 8pm - Im ashamed to see.

Not the best SW menu you'll find in the book!!! Doh!


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Monday 18th Oct

Back on track BIG TIME today - no syns left until weds. I will be purity and virtue!!??

Bk - Milk HEA, Crunchy Bran HEB, Banana

Snack - melon and pineapple snack pot

Lunch - Chicken breast and baked beans (yum - like a kids dinner!!)

Tea - Made my own veggie singapore vermicelli

Still feeling a bit dodgy, and very, very thirsty.


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Tuesday - finally feeling better. The closer i get to 40, the longer its taking to get over a hangover.

HEA - milk
HEB - Crunchy bran

Snack - activia pot

Lunch - Couscous and sliced chicken breast

Tea - quorn sausage hot pot.


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Just made some chicken casserole (couldnt sleep) for my dinner after weigh in - SOOO looking forward to that!


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Lost another 2 lb at weigh in today, was more than happy with that following saturdays nonsense! Want 2.5 lb to get my stone and back into the tens!


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Hiya - just looking at your stats. Youre so close now to goal - you must be tiny!!!

It was a bit of an improptu casserole to be honest - im more of a 'throw it all in and hope for the best' type cook than follow a recipe. Id cooked some chicken breasts yesterday and needed to use them so I bought a roasting vegetable pack from Morrisons (it had potato, carrots, leeks, turnip and red onion in) I added 2 veggie stock cubes, some time and a bit of dried sage I found looking sorry for itself in the cupboard and left it all simmering on the hob whilst I pottered around for an about an hour this morning. About 20 mins before the end I chopped the chicken breasts into good bite sized pieces and added those.
It was gorgeous and very hearty - definately what was needed on a cold and frosty morning!!


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Wednesday 20th oct


Milk - HEA

Bk - crunchy bran HEB


Lunch - chicken casserole, more melon

Tea - poached salmon, spaghetti and roasted courgette and pepper with 1tbsp of pesto 3.5syns... This was so lovely id definately do it again.


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Thursday 21st October - EE

I was well and truly tested at work today when when of my colleagues brought in cakes, biscuits and chocolates for her 30th birthday - ahhhhh!! Felt like they were calling to me all day. I gave in on one mars celebration in the end but was mighty glad when I got in the car to come home. Pre SW Id had plowed into the goodies/ badies!

So far today then...........

Milk - HEA
Breakfast - Crunchy Bran (HEB), Banana

Snack - raspberries, strawberries

Lunch - chicken casserole leftovers, activia yoghurt

1 mars celebration - 2syns

Snack - banana

Dinner - Lentil dahl, boiled rice (just cooking now).


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Morning all -upsuper early again! and its the first day ofmyhalf term holiday. Grrrrr

So yesterday I had...

HEA - as always, milk
Bk - Banana with crunchy bran HEB

Snack - strawberries

Lunch - LF supernoodles with sweetcorn and melon

Mid afternoon cave in - a small bag of haribos 5syns

Tea - had it round at my sister in laws who is doing SW and made a gorgeous syn free chilli

I did have a glass and a half of wine too (10syns worth)

All in all, not a great day.......... 15syns!
Tiny front profile, pregnant side profile! Thanks for the casserole info :)

Regarding syns, just use them all up! I'm purposely making an effort to use as many as possible nowadays, see if it helps at all as my losses are getting to the stage where they have the power to make me cry! The WI lady gets all nervous when I get on the scale because she knows I'm either gonna go YAYYYYYYYYYYY!! :woohoo: or OHMYGODAREYOUFREAKINGKIDDINGME?! :banghead:



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yep- they are the ones. There are only 2 flavours, chicken and sweet thai but they are cheap and easy for work.
Definately giing to have to eat all my sins the next few wks, got a wedding 2 wkends running and then a 40th birthday do coming up. Wojld never survive on 70 a wk!!


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Managed to have a much less synful day today - feel better for it too.

HEA - Milk

Bk - banana and yoghurt

Dinner - I made some thai fish cakes today that were gorgeous. I threw 150g haddock, tinned white crab, 1 egg, some garlic, chilli flakes and corriander in the food processor, made them into little patties and fried them in fry lite.
I served them with boiled rice, stir fried veggies and a chilli sauce made with 1tbsp mango chutney (2 syns ), soy sauce, lime juice, chopped garlic, chilli and sping onions.
Would definately do it again but would make them spicier!!

Tea - chicken and veggie soup, melon

FF yoghurt

Fingers crossed the week is going to be ok.
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Monday 25th oct - EE

HEA - milk
Breakfast - 3 dried figs HEB, banana and ff yoghurt

Lunch - home made syn free minastrone soup, minus the big hunk of bread and butter i was offered with it!

Tea - ate out, ordered the seared tuna salad but was told there was no tuna so wierdly had marinated chicken kebabs with the rest of a nicsoise salad ?? Nice tho. Am guessing about 6 syns for the marinade.


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Just got back from WI a day early, I lost 0.5lb this week.
Was really p'ed off at first but then realised I got away with it BIG TIME last week so it may well have caught up with me.

Will be offline now until sunday - am off to ireland for a wedding (hence joining SW in the first place) - all in all the dress im wearing looks a damn sight better now ive lost 12.5lb!


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Not gone yet - just thought id do an update on today so far!

HEA - Milk
Breakfast - 42g crunchy bran, banana

Lunch - sliced turkey breast salad

Have made up packed tea of pasta, mixed peppers, spring onions, sliced ham and Fat free vinagrette to have on the ferry later along with sliced melon, pinaepple and mango............ Must not be seduced into eating ready packed sandwiches, fast food or 'grab bag'/ nose bag crisps!!!
Have to save all my syns this week for booze - that may make me sound like an alcofrolic but - its a wedding, and an irish one at that... it could go on for days!!!

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