Slipping already

Im only on day three of the plan and Im starting to think I cant keep it up. I feel guilty for eating too much free food such as a whole tin of spaghetti hoops and a mug shot (green day) as a snack as well as a huge plate of rice with dinner. Also so far I have used 15 syns a day, dont think I can cut it down.

We are going to the harvester tomorow so I know I will go off plan and this scares me as I was so up for this.

Anyone got any advice?
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Don't worry , free food is free and the plan says between 5 and 15 syns, i know that there is a good few people on here who have 15 syns per day and lose weight every week. And i always have mountains of rice and pasta so don't fret. It is the festive season after all, so enjoy your meal out and start afresh the next day.

victoria sponge

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firstly hun you can do this...and if its free food then you can eat as much as you like you could have 4 tins of spaghetti,20 mug shot and still a full on dinner if you so wish if your on the green plan so stop feeling guilty!!!its v hard to follow the plan 100% per cent this time of year coz theres always some1 there to sabatage it is for living and just do what you can over this period...and you may be able to cut down on the syns in a few weeks...just relax and dont think you cant do it coz i know you can xxx


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Free food is free so you can eat as much of it as you want. Don't however eat it for the sake of eating it.

You can have up to 15 syns a day. Eating all 15 syns is within the plan. If you can't cut down then don't you dont need to. I always have 15 syns a day and couldn't cope without them.

One meal out isn't going to ruin your diet. It's about being sensible over a longer period of time than one day or one week. Try to be sensible but enjoy it.

The plan does work. Give it time and you will feel able to do it and you will see the results.

Good luck.


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if you dont trust the plan you wont follow it properly and it definitly wont work so have faith we are all living proof that the plan works!!

you can EASILY stick to it at harvester, i know whenever i have been i have chicken and loads off the salad cart and if you just make sure you dont have many other syns that day you will be fine!

im a size 10 now and i eat more than anyone i know even the men in my family its not to the quantities its what your putting in your mouth. make sure you do a food diary it will really help
Thank you for the support. I will enjoy myself tonight but not go crazy. I have saved all my syns and both heb for the meal so hopefully that will help. Im just finding hard to believe the amount of free foods you can eat and still lose weight but im gonna stick with it.


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give it a chance what have you got to loose (expect weight :p)


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The first time I joined I couldn't believe I could eat so much and lose weight, but it works! And it's better to use all your syns, that's what they're there for, and then if you hit a plateau later on, you can reduce them.