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slow and steady.....

I'm not on a specific diet. right now...I'm trying to cut back on the snacks and cookies and up my fibre intake. Feeling jittery about the whole thing. I'm just so scared of failing. It's like I'm setting myself up for failure.

But I really want to look nice when I go home in dec.
It's hard.
such a long journey to go....

I know it's not hunger. it's the lack of self-esteem that's making me want to eat. trying to smother away my negative feelings with food.

I am trying


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Hiya hun,

Its a good idea to start a diary on here as they are very good for allowing you to write your feelings down. I also find it helpful to write down what ive eaten during the day.

I've got around the same amount as you left to lose so im sure you can do it :)
Thanks for the encouragement RIA! =)
I must keep my head up.

started well this morning...but caved in at night.

will start writing down what I eat.

Good luck all gals and guys!
chin up
I'm so scared that I'll never lose the weight.....
and this fear is making me eat....

calm down. you can do it. SLOW and steady. tomorrow is a new day ok girl?


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Hey hope your ok. It is so hard loosing weight and you have just got to take it a day at a time. You said you had a bad evening - you have just got to draw a line under it and start afresh and not beat yourself up over it. We are only human and we all have blips, but as long as we brush ourselves off and draw a line under it thats all that matters. x
Thanks for the encouragement!

I'm trying to stay positive.

Today started well...but I gave in to my negativity just now. Really full now....
but instead of further bingeing I will stop here.
I have to remind myself that I don't need supper. My calorie intake for today is more than enough.

will do some yoga afterwards.


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Hi Rachellee, I know how hard it is to get properly motivated to get started on a diet, but you really need to have a good talk to yourself.

First, how badly do you want to lose weight? What are your reasons for wanting to lose weight, is your need to lose it stronger than your need to eat something nice. You really do need to think about this and be very clear in your mind about how badly you want this.

If you decide that this is the time to go for it, you need to devise a plan that you can stick to. Just cutting down on snacks is too open ended, it leaves too much leeway to go wrong. One thing that you must concentrate on is that you must eat food you can enjoy. There is nothing more miserable, and more likely to make you fail than having to eat something you really dont go for. So if you really dont like salad for instance, then dont eat it. Whats the point.

Then you need to take a deep breath and go look in your cupboards and fridge, then throw out everything you know will sabotage your resolve, then make a shopping list and go shopping and buy only what you need for the next 2 or 3 days. Do not buy anything thats not on the shopping list, even if its something you spot in the supermarket that might be good to add into your diet. If you really want it, add it to a new shopping list and buy it next time.

Also, treat yourself to a good book, or something you can concentrate on to take your mind off food. If you can just have 3 days of being resolved and really good then you will find that the following days are so much easier to get through. I always believe the first 3 days are crucial

One of the key things to make a diet work is to make sure you have the right foods in the house and none of the wrong things.

Good luck! Keep blogging and let us knwo how you get on. We all want you to succeed!
Hi Rachellee,

All the best with your journey, I can't add anything further to Lynns post, as she has it in a nutsell and I wish at the start of my healthy eating someone had been so honest with me. It would really have helped me to get in the right head space to attack the healthy eating properly.

The start of the diet is so hard and once you get to a point where you are fully commited to a new kind of eating and lifestyle to daily battle becomes easier and making healthy choice becomes habit.

I really hope you get to where you want to be, and this is a great place for support and encouragement when you need it.

All the best hun.
Thanks for the advice.
It really got me thinking that I have to face the issue head on.

About eating the foods that I like, I've tried eating other foods.....but I just end up eating loads of them and still not feeling satisfied. So it I really want to get chocolate, I can..just in smaller quantities?

The supermarket thing is going to be a big challenge.....and I can't bear to throw away the unhealthy snacks that I have bought already. But I know that I must..

Today has been alright. rather challenging. halfway through the day already...and here's what i ate:
B: porridge and fruit
L: duck sandwich, bean soup.

Am trying to keep my chin up and remember that the first few days are the hardest!!

So glad for this site! =)
I did okay yesterday.
But my anxiety over my costochondritis is getting to me....I want to exercise but I am so afraid that it will aggravate my inflammation---> and become chronic.
And this illogical anxiety is making me want to eat.
I wanted to binge after dinner yesterday, but controlled myself via doing some work and sleeping early.

It's a new day today. The anxiety over my injury and exercise made me want to eat the moment I woke up. So, I portioned out a breakfast. It was a fairly large amount as I knew that I was going to eat and eat...but I kept it healthy and tried to cut back on the sugar content.

I feel better now. So glad that I did not binge. Still anxious though....breathe breathe... I shall try to do some exercise later.....wish me luck.
Yesterday was ok. I ate healthily. =)

something to ponder:
I realize that I have to have a strict routine...any changes makes me anxious and want to eat.

yesterday, we decided to watch a movie after dinner. Usually, my dinner starts at 830pm until 10pm. Because the movie was starting at 9, I had to eat earlier.....and that stressed me out....and I ended up eating more that usual ( but I did control myself from bingeing which is good)

I wanted to eat again after the movie...i think its the anxiety from change ( ie; going out instead of staying at home).....anxiety from going out........but I knew that I was not truly hungry...but I still wanted to eat because I was so anxious......so I ate some fruits.

I think I have social anxiety, and fear of change.

This morning I woke up and I wanted to eat and eat and eat. Not of out hunger, but more from remnants of stress from yesterday. I made myself eat slowly.

This is what I had for lunch:
pumpkin soup, baked beans and eggwhite, 1 piece WM bread, summer fruits, muesli, choc soy dessert

alot yup...but I'm glad I kept to eating healthily..though in excess though. I don't think this will make me put on weight....but I'm not sure about whether this will help me lose weight. All in all, I have to eat less for dinner if I want my overall calorie intake to be > than my calorie output.

Will try to go for a jog later.

Wishing everyone a good day!
I did ok yesterday.
Managed to go for my jog.....which was so difficult to start but I finished it.=)
Dinner was alright too last night.

This morning was difficult. Not too good.
I just ate and ate even though i was conscious I was overeating..I ate slowly yet I still overate.
Okay, I have to stop eating now. I should go for a jog later on to counteract the additional calories...
Alright..this morning wasn't too good but it's okay....I shall not allow myself to hate myself for that.

Lunch: 1 WM bun, 13/4 LF cheese slices, 1 cup hot chocolate, 1 maltese, 2 cheeseballs, 1 soy choc dessert, frosties and muesli, sliced turkey, some pistachios

Whoa....looking at what I wrote...it's sooo much. gosh. I must not panic now. it's okay. breathe breathe breathe.

I must be more vigilant of my dinner later.


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Heya, well done for going for a jog, did you feel better afterwards?
HOpe everything goes well, best wishes!
Thanks for the encouragement!

I did go for my jog yesterday. so that's a pat on the back for me.

I ate alright last night. =) not fantastic....but still healthy food though not in the healthiest of portion. Still I feel I did ok.

This morning I ate quite a bit. Well, it was all healthy nutritious food, but the quantity was a fraction too much. Here goes:
1 large WM brd with 1 slice cheese, 1 cup LF choc milk, 1 choc soy dessert, 2 egg whites 1 egg yolk, muesli

Feeling full but not overly full.
Off for a jog later.
Trying to stay optimistic. So much weight to lose and it almost seems impossible but I must constantly remind myself it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as you can maintain it and it doesn't drive you nuts!!

have a good day all!


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Yeh exactly, this stuff is a change for life, you can only do what you can and losw it slow and steady.
Best wishes.
I jogged yesterday. =)
but one thing I realize is that...when I exercise, I eat more. I don't know whether it is because I have burnt more calories or whether I am simply rewarding my effort with food.

Today has not been going well.
I woke up this morning and really wanted to eat junk.So, I allowed myself
a small WM bun with 1.5 slice LF cheese
a cup chocolate milk

I still wanted to eat, but I had to go do some errands.

I wanted to eat everything unhealthy at lunch.......so I tried to slow down and consumed
a LF lasagne
baked chips
1 choc soy desert
1/4 choc chip cookie
4 malteses
muesli and frosties
2 wine gums

I think it's family stress that is making me overeat. I am eating to shut off my stress. But I know that already, so it should not be an excuse for my overeating.
I overate at lunch. not excessive in fat intake, but definitely excessive in carbo intake.

Breathe breathe.....it's ok. don't berate yourself.

try to go for a walk or jog later okay girl?

And keep dinner to a minimum..

chins up girlie


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You are doing great Rachellee, at least you understand that stress is the problem, and are able to minimise the impact.

Its going to be hard for you, i do understand that, its just a hard difficult thing to get your head round, but keep perservering with it.

You really need to clear out those cupboards and fridge though, all the time temptation is calling you, its going to be very difficult for you if its just a hand grab away. Be strong, its for your own good :) and good luck!


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Yeh, it's always easier to resist temptation when it's not sitting in the cupboards.
You should try eating something like porridge for breakfast, it's filling and keeps you going longer.
Best wishes.

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