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Slow Cooker!


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I think it's good for stews and soups

I have one - used it once last year and now I've forgotten how to use it lol Will watch this post with interest and get mine off the shelf and actually use it lol



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My mum users hers a lot of anything she would make as a meat dish.

Chicken curry, spag bol, soups, stews, casseroles etc! All taste pretty spectacular
do it do it do it! i have one and i love it.. can stick something on before i go to bed / before i go to work and i come in and its all ready :D

like puggso said - stews, casseroles, curries etc all great.. have a look in Fitz' diary.. she has some lush recipes cause she got a slow cooker quite recently :)


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I want one too but Chloe would go insane smelling the food all day while I was at work, fear she may drown herself in her own saliva! lol!


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Ah chloe is a bit of a fanny you see! I could see her losing the will to live, jumping on the counter and just having a wee snack! She is a greedy sod..takes after her mother! lol! Remember a few years ago my flat mate went out to buy some cheese and bacon. Came home and went out for a ciggie then couldnt find the bag with the cheese and bacon in it. He started thinking he had left it in Spar or something and hunted everywhere...then we found a half eaten block of cheese hidden under chloes blanket and an empty pack of bacon! She wasnt too well after that! lol! How she even managed to get the bacon open is beyond me, I cant do that and i used a knife!


Lovin it !!! :)
I'm making pork in ale in mine for Saturday when my parents come - there is hardly any smell as the lid keeps everything in - thats basically how it cooks - all the moisture goes straight back in - there is a very faint whiff but nothing much - I cooked sausage casserole in mine overnight recently no probs - gotta use the cheaper electric rates n all that eh lol - just froze the portions then for later & hey presto - great meal to re-heat when in a hurry.
fitz' sausage casserole = good :D


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Thats total winter food! Over night cooking is a great idea, save on the elec! Going to look into prices now!


Lovin it !!! :)
Most supermarkets have them for under a tenner !!!

Such an investement


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I had no idea they were so cheap! I thought they were about 40 to 50! Ooh I can see a chicken casserole on the go tomorrow night!


Lovin it !!! :)
I got mine in Argoooossss - under £10 - its only 90watt & 2 litre pot which is small but its ideal for just me on me tod. Can make 2 portions in 1 go & freeze 1 - its brill.


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Thanks honey, that is where I shall head to, ideal size for me too! I normally end up cooking loads and have to eat it for about 10 days! Not ideal!
Argos have a one at the minute for about 12 pound and tesco are good as well tenner!!

Gonna get one over the weekend so will no doubt be posting my results lol x

Any tips anyone!! Does veg cook in it ok, in a casserole I mean not on its own x x
I bought one last year, and have only ever cooked Beef Bourguignon in it a few times. It's lovely, however I wouldn't know how many WW points are in a portion now, so haven't used it
I LOVE my slow cooker. I just experiment, I stick all different stuff in mine, love it!!!
I bought a new one from asda £3 (smartprice bargain) and I'm SO pleased with it, it's perfect for me as it's small and it cooks quite quickly for a slow cooker (< i'm aware thats a stupid thing to say lol! but my old one was a bit rubbish)

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