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Slow losers, do you find it hard to keep movitated?


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I would consider myself a slow loser. I've been on SW since January and I've lost just over 2 stone. I'm in the healthy weight range now, so I am expecting it to possibly slow down a bit more. Do other slow losers ever feel frustrated? Sometimes I feel like a traitor because I start thinking about trying other diets but I do love my food. I think I would be setting myself up to fail. :eek: I def don't want to go back to how I was eating pre SW but the frustrating is driving me crazy (ahem....I mean crazier! :p), so how do you guys deal with it? x
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I have been doing SW for 8 weeks and have only lost a 1lb a week. When I see other people on here losing 5 and 6lb I think wow how good must it feel to lose that much in one week. I try and think long term and how each pound adds up and am totally happy on SW as I love my food and can lead a normal live on the plan.
I have a friend who is doing some crazy 500 calorie a day diet and although she has lost loads of weight she is totally miserable and feels ill most of the time. I have tried to convince her to try SW but she wants results quickly.

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Wk 2 - 1lb
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Wk 6 - 1lb
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Hi JackJane, I think you might need to change your height in your User CP....otherwise you're very underweight for a 14 footer ;)


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Xassy, I've been doing SW since January as well and I haven't even lost a stone yet!!

Steady weight loss is a good thing - you're more likely to keep it off in the future! And remember that SW isn't a "diet", it's a healthy eating plan that you can keep with you FOR LIFE.

And JackJane - 1lb a week is absolutely awesome. If you carry on losing like that, remember in 1 year's time you'll have lost 52lbs! That's over 3 and a half stones!


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My losses slowed on EE and I still have 4 stone to go, so swapped a few days for Red/Green, still slow loss, so did mainly red days and got 2.5lb loss. So finding that plan that works I think, I do 4 days Red and 2 of EE, hope the loss is similar this week.

Drink lots more water, and exercise more.. that all helps too. x


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At least I am consistent and get no surprises when I get on the scales. I have changed my height in my profile (lol) had added an extra 100 inches thinking I was doing centimetres!

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I think the thing to remember that losing weight is not a race or a competition with anyone else, not even yourself. You've made the right changes to live a long and healthy life by following the SW way of eating and changing habits don't happen overnight!

I'm really hoping the fabulous CP posts a reply as she will tell you herself that she is part of the 'just a pound a week' club - she's now lost well over 100 pounds and is an inspiration to many of us on here!

I got my 2 stone sticker last night, exactly 9 months after joining SW, so I guess I'm a 'slow loser' too but hey, you know what I've also lost 28.5 inches from all over and I have never felt so good about myself and that feeling will only continue as I lose more.

So I say 3 cheers for the 'slow loser' club! Remember the tortoise and the hare.....? xxx
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I too am averaging at 1lb a week although not as routinely as you! It is hard sometimes to read that other people are having much bigger losses when I have been just as good (so I think ;) ) but as the SW plan is for life I suppose it doesn't matter how quick the weight comes off and it's not like you can sprint to target then change your eating habits back to pre-SW. I think all the amazing success stories on this site help me to stay motivated, as well as seeing my wobbly belly and rugby-player neck in the mirror every day :)


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Me too, sometimes when I feel a bit down and think about giving up I come on here and read some of the fantastic success stories and it instantly brings my motivation back. I am so unhappy being overweight that now I have found a way to do something about it I think what is the point in ever going back to the way I was before.


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I was a slow loser too. It took me 30 weeks to lose 30.5 pounds to get to my first target.
I have lost since and reset my target twice since.
Six months later I am a pound below my last target, and all in all I have lost 2 stone 9.5 pounds... slowly does it!
Good luck!
I'm slow too. Have sts for nearly a amonth despite being on plan 100%.Then I will loose a pound or two and put some back on and sts for a aweek or two and it carries on. I have fallen off plan cos of it many many times but always come back.

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Im part of the 1lb a week club too and I dont care. Its coming off and thats the most important thing to me.
I dont think of SW as a diet at all, mearly a challenge to adapt the foods I used to eat to the food I can eat now.
I set myself things to aim for and Im constantly busy, so never have time to get bored! Ive climbed 2 mountains in the space of a year and Im planning on doing Snowdon again with my 4 year old Daughter this time! (probably next month)
I love me now (its taken a very long time) and Im enjoying myself as I should have been instead of worrying over what people think of my size.
Yes, there are days where I just think I cant be bothered to do anything today, but then I think why would I want to throw it all away?



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I consider myself a slow loser. Just like you OP, I joined mid feb and have lost just over 2st. But that's mainly down to me faffing about, ha. My own fault.
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It's taken me 16 weeks to lose 16lbs but the end result has been worth it. I'm at target now and it feels great. Went clothes shopping today as the skirts I bought just a few weeks ago are miles too big. Everything fitted and looked great so it was really hard to chose! Said to my hubby that it was a lot easier when I was fatter as everything looked awful so chosing was a lot easier. It's not doing our bank balance any good coz I can't pass an M&S or Next without buying something.


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Oh thank god for this post I thought I was just me that was a slow loser I started sw on January 6th and have lost 23lbs so far I find it very hard to keep motivated and my friends have started sw now they have both lost more than me in the 3 months that they have Bern going one of them Is now at target ikeep motivated as I know I need to do this I want to be fit and healthy for my little girl plus slow but sure wins the race :) !!!!


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I have started to slow down with my weight loss, sticking over the past 3 weeks, but I'm not too fussed as I have been a bit naughty - as long as I'm not gaining ;)



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Perhaps we need to look at SW in another way......?
This is a really healthy way of eating, something we can sustain and losing weight is just a side effect!
So it doesn't really matter how much we lose and how long it takes us because nothing is going to change (foodwise) when we get where we want to be, right?
Keep plodding on, all those half pounds and pounds add up!

Love from
A slow loser


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Loving this thread - I said in my diary t'other day that I was worried I'd always be in the pound off club. Great to know I'm not alone. The thing that stuck me with all the posts is that we seem to be consistent losers, also that hardly any mention of the dreaded word 'diet'.

I was thinking of trying to speed up my progress by trying the Dukan Diet - but decided that I like my progress at SW and didn't want to go on a diet.

I've not really had to change my kitchen habits too much, subtle changes are making all the difference. Lentil2 is right - weight loss is a side effect of our changing kitchen habits.

If I lose 1lb next two weeks - that will take me to Club 10 in just 10 weeks - that can't be bad - I'm sticking with SW all the way.

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