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Extra Easy Slow Losses

So this week I thought I'd done ok, had 1 day where I went to the Xmas Market and had a beer, a doughnut and a slice of garlic bread but other than that I've been on plan and did a 4k run and 4k bike ride on Sunday, yet I only lost 1/2 a pound.

My consultant asked me to do a food diary for this week which I will do but I'm just so confused and frustrated by my losses - in three weeks I've lost 2.5lbs, gained 1lb and lost 1/2 a pound.

Breakfast is nearly always 2 weetabix with 250ml semi skimmed milk, lunch either homemade free veg soup, pasta salad or a salad, maybe left over dinners. Dinners I'm using fry light all the time, making SW recipes, using fromage frais or natural yoghurt in sauces or using tomatoes. I'm having my syns through the day in either a 2 finger kitkat or if I use something like curry paste I measure and syn it.

Where could I be going wrong? Is it lack of SS foods? I really don't like fruit and the few that I do aren't SS like apples, bananas and grapes.
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Slowly but surely!
I have had a very slow weight loss over the last few weeks too and am hoping its just my body adjusting, however as long as the scales are going down and im enjoying the food this much im happy! Good luck and I hope things get easier for you :)
Thanks, it's hard this time of year too with meals out with work, groups of friends etc. Xmas me and Rob are spending it with both our families so will have little control over what I'm eating.

A colleague brought in cake for her birthday today, I had a small piece of cheesecake, looked up the syns and it's 17 1/2 for a 100g piece. I know my piece wasn't near 100g but that's pretty much my full days syns in one piece of cake!
Hi Welsh girl.

Don't worry too much...for the whole of November, I lost 1/2 a pound every week for three weeks, and yesterday, I lost 4.5lb...so it all catches up in the end.

I'm not a massive fruit fan either and only really eat bananas and pears (and strawberries in the summer!) - do you like veg? And remember, things like chicken and fish are superspeed as well.

After my third week of a half pound loss, I made a massive effort to make sure I drank at least 2 litres of water a day...try this, as I think it's a massive help.

Also, try to vary what you're having a bit more...even if you alternate between 2 different cereals for brekkie, you're still making your body and metabolism work harder

Good luck!

Thanks, I might get some wholemeal bread then I can alternate between weetabix, toast, scrambled eggs or beans. I'll try upping my water too through the day.

I love veg and if I make pasta salad or soup I'll put at least 4 different veg in there and we have at least 1 veg with every evening meal too. Chicken we eat a fair bit of as well. Going to get some melon on the way home which is superspeed and something I like.
Are you eating 1/3rd super-free with each meal (assuming you're doing EE)?

The water thing can make a huge difference - the weeks I haven't managed to drink 2+ litres a day I've actually gained, despite being on-plan 100% :rolleyes:


Always comes back to MMs!
I would definitely recommend melon and grapes for speeding up losses, I've kept a big bowl of chopped up fruit in the fridge and refreshed it every few days, been having a bowl a day at least and my losses have been steady xxxx
Is it possible the exercise is having an effect and you might well be losing fat but tonig muscle? I went through a similar stage where i went up and down by the same lb or two for about 4 weeks when I started jogging, since then the weight has come off consistently each week.
I think I've been getting confused between super speed and super free, maybe I'll look at the book again tonight.

I doubt I've gained muscle as Sunday was the first time I'd been to the gym in over a month but if I have after 1 session then I'll be toned in no time lol.
I know you can have huge portions of things like pasta and rice if you want to, but I try to have the recommended portion that it says on the packet (for example 50g dried rice per person) and then have a larger portion of veg and a modest size portion of the protein and I find this helps with the weight loss.
Hi i have a lot of weight to lose but have very slow losses mainly a pound a week and occassionally 2lbs on 2.5lbs. I'm happy with this as long as i'm losing and i know i will be able to maintain slow losses xx
Maybe I'm not having enough variety - my breakfast every day has been weetabix so I brought some wholemeal bread yesterday so I can have toast and low fat marg (1 syn per tbsp) for some breakfasts and take a sandwich for lunch. I'm upping my fruit too - bought some grapes and apples to go with my banana's and I'll get some melon too.

Can't believe yesterday I used all my syns on one small bit of cheesecake either! Dinner was a bit picky too last night - ham, prawns and turkey which was free, prawn cocktail sauce which wasn't and some pate with french stick. So today I'm having minimal syns, I've had 1 so far in my low fat marg for breakfast, lunch is free/low with Ainsley Harriotts spicy sensation couscous, a muiller light and some grapes, got an apple mid afternoon. Dinner may be Tapas as my OH and I are having out date night on a Wednesday but a lot of the dishes are meat, fish, veg and rice based; I'll stay away from the mayonaises so should just have to use syns for any oil/alcohol/cream used which looking at the menu isn't in many of the dishes at all.

The weekends are harder as we're out of routine so tend to have brunch then dinner, but this Saturday we're going to Cardiff so I can put flowers on the plot where my Grandparents ashes are before Xmas so we'll be eating out again, but I'll go for soup or a salad.
Be careful with soups or salad hun. Always ask what the soup is made with - even tomato soup can have oil in and make sure salads have no dressing (I made this mistake last week, the dressing wasn't listed but it came with dressing on)
Try working your syns out properly, how much cocktail sauce did you have? same with the pate and french stick. You may not have to drastically reduce your syns as it might not have been as bad as you thought.
I love tapas - enjoy it. xx
I make all the soups and salads at home myself and take them to work in tupperwares, that way I know exactly what's in it. I'm not a fan of shop bought soups since going home made, tried one last week and it tasted vile lol.
Careful with the tapas, they love to cook and dress things with olive oil and cook with wine... Any of the meat will not be extra lean so albondigas will have fat in and be cooked in fat, same with any prawns, the chorizo will be cooked with wine in oil. The paella will have white wine and olive oil in too.

I <3 tapas but have avoided it so far because oil and butter and wine are the *thing* in spanish cooking.

I always ask for dressing on the side and thus far no restaurant has refused, I just wouldn't pay...
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So probably nothing I ate last night would have been free, oh well back onto plan as normal today with minimum syns. Feeling good about this week I think.

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