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Sm1ler's ups and downs

I thought it was about time i started my own daily thread/post rather then clogging up the board with my stuff all the time!! :D

I had my WI today and stayed the same which i am very gutted about. I have been 100% since i started SW at the beginning of sept. It isnt a star week for me and i have no reason to explain why ive stayed the same.
I spent the whole day in a mood at work and still not feeling very positive about carrying on with SW.
I have ALOT of weight to loose and cant understand why its going so slow.
I think i could accept the slowness if i was loosing inches but my clothes dont really feel any different. :confused:
Ive only had 1 alcoholic drink since being on SW which is VERY GOOD for me!!
I just dont know where im going wrong or what i can change, ive been varying the foods i eat and i mainly do red days but chuck in a couple of green in the week.
Any advice, hints or tips greatful !!
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Over six weeks, you've lost 11lbs. That might not be as fast as you'd like , but it's actually a healthy weight loss.

I know it's difficult. I've found it hard to stick to the diet when I've not lost much. Sometimes, it does feel like such an effort to go without alcohol when everyone else is having a good time or, like today for me, to get a jacket potato when everyone else is having yummy chippy fish, chips and peas! But I think it's worth it in the long run.

If you want to explore ways to loose weight faster, you can consider altering your Slimming World diet by doing some success express days or cutting back on your syns a little. There are more extreme ways to loose faster, such as VLCDs. But they're hard work and will limit your ability to live much more than Slimming World.

At the end of the day, this has taught me never to let myself get back into obese. I've promised myself that I'm going to loose this weight - AND KEEP IT OFF - because I never want to go through this again.

1-2lbs a week if what you're supposed to loose on Slimming World. It's 'normal' weight loss. Sometimes, that involves staying the same for a week or two, sometimes even putting on a pound, then loosing 2.5 the week after.

Stay positive.



wants a new body
hi hunny
i totally agree with northernboi
you have had a constant loss since starting on slimming world so do not beat yourself up because you have stayed the same.
i can wholly understand what you say about not feeling positive about continuing on slimming world, i have felt the same i STS one week then a couple of weeks later i gained 1lb!
as well as trying success express why not have a go at mix2max as well i did a few days of it after i had my gain and i lost 3.5lb!
you can do this
if you need me pm me
take care hunny


wants a new body
you know i have been tempted to do these VLCD's in the past but they seem to me that its too much hard work! i needmy food lol
i've read lots of peoples posts on this site regarding these diets and i really don't like the idea of feeling lightheaded and getting headaches etc. seems to me to be a lot of trouble to lose weight. i don't condemn anyone that is on them, it takes a strong person to survive on them lol and at the end of the day you still got to learn to eat "PROPER" food again

i tried the cambridge diet 20 odd years ago and didn't get on with it at all so then began my relationship with WW which i tried 5 times and then gave up
slimming world is the best "diet" i have ever been on and this is the most weight i have lost.
its not going to be easy all the way hun sometimes we'll stay the same or have a little gain and we won't be able to expalin why it has happened but never lose the determination that you can do this and change your life forever!


Silver Member
Don't worry about how long it takes you. I feel like I've been doing it forever, but it's second nature now and at least I don't feel like I'm 'on a diet' and deprived.

So long as you're eating lots of free food. I like being able to eat when I'm hungry, and I rarely go more than 3 hours without a little nibble, even though it's only fruit or yogurt between meals. Keep a food diary and vary your meals and you won't go wrong.

I think the more weight you have to lose, the longer it takes to notice a change in your clothes. Have you measured yourself? I didn't because I was too scared of what the tape measure would say!


Is so very nearly there!
Oh huni - I share your feelings - I am feeling all stumped but Im gna persevere!

You will get there and I have a lot still to lose and to get half way it took me 9 mth!

We all here to help :)


Silver Member
I can sympathise because I feel exactly the same.. I see other people WI and see the weight coming off lbs and lbs at a time and mine feels pedestrian in comparison.

My OH keeps saying it doesn't matter as I'm eating well and healthily and not to stress.. but it's easy for him to say (although he does have experience having lost 14 stone 10 years ago ;).)

Keep with it , hun. if you will I will. we CAN do this and we will succeed.

i know how u feel thats another thing that annoys me in class when i ve had a really good week and sumone looses 3lb and tells u about all the rubbish they ate grrrrr its so annoying

Debs x
thanks for all the replys everyone, i am feeling a bit better about things today and even though im still disappointed with staying the same i guess its better then putting it on.

i agree with u debs that it sucks when people go off plan and still loose and ur sitting there knowing u have been good and didnt loose.
thanks again everyone, i love the support on this site.
Don't forget those kids in school who always say they didn't study.... Its the same in group, some people feel the need to say they have been off plan.... cycnical I know but it keeps me going lol
im back!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, finally i got my computer fixed and i am back!!!!
Boy i have missed being online and in mini land!!!!
Did i miss much??? x

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