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Small coffee frappacino light


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If you take a look at the nutritional information of their website you can work out the syns using 1 syn for every 20 calories. And yes you can use your HEa toward this
Thanks circes, so it is 4 syns without deducting the milk for hexa. How would you work out the syns if I was to use the milk as hexa? Or is it jus a job of guesstimating? I was sitting sipping my drink very guiltily, until I looked at the nutritional content and realised I'd chosen one of the lowest calorie drinks available and it was relatively low in syns :)


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If it's only 4 syns I would just count the syns to be honest. Your HEa is worth about 6 syns so you'll get more bang for your bucks with using it for something else, if you see what I mean.


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i would double check it, i have a feeling that frappuccinos are a bit higher synned. they should have the syn value for it on the slimming world website, i remember the medium mocha light frappuccino was 8 syns.


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A tall skimmed coffee frappuccino with no whip is only 83 calories - that makes it 4 syns.

The medium mocha version is 143 calories, hence 7 syns.
I have had a couple of these this week, can't resist a cold frapp when it's sunny! You can get the sugar free vanilla and have a skinny vanilla but it's not as nice as the caramel! I've been using it as my hexa but counting it as 4 syns still - it's so worth it! Xx

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