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Smelling bad

Help! Even though I've been LCing for about 8 months, I've not had this happen. I've got major ketone-itis... I smell really yucky! I'm only a few days into ketosis (after a restart) and I smell like a runner who never washes... frequent showers and lots of water isn't helping.

I'm going to become a social pariah! I work in close contact with people and am mortified.

Any advice? Just push through it and hope it goes away? MORE water? Help! :(
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Ah well, I had it bad for about the first 2 weeks on induction Sera, I just washed my armpits frequently during the day. One thing I did find was that using spray and perfumes and stuff made it worse.


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I've noticed during the first week or so of ketosis I tend to be a tad sweaty like...

Normally goes away, must depend on the person though.

I find if I work up a sweat it goes away quicker, ie if I work out more, maybe I sweat the stink out?



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Sera I stopped using chemical deodorants, seemed to react badly with ketosis - and still does at times!
I've always needed something fairly strong - I've lived in the UK for 12 years, and I STILL import in Degree antipersperant because I've never found anything here that helps.

Odour is not usually an issue for me - but the last few days I feel like I can scare people from 50 paces. I've not changed soaps or laundry powder, my clothes are clean, I'm showering twice a day. I'm increasing my water intake so much I'm peeing every 30 minutes :) (sorry if TMI!) I'll just try to keep it at bay and hopefully it will stop. I just haven't had it like this before, even though I was in ketosis a good chunk of last year.

Thanks for the help, guys :)

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