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Smoking and Dieting

Yes I smoke. I wish I didn't but when I have tried to quit, my diet goes AWOL! I seem unable to do both - it's one or the other. Is this normal and has anyone had any success with sticking to their diet and quiting smoking at the same time. How did you do it?
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Just thought I'd chip in, I also smoke and am dieting, I've accepted that I'm not going to be able to do both, so am concentrating on losing weight first then I am going to give up the dreaded weed.

Good on you If you can do both, I just don't have that double dose of willpower.

Good Luck x
hi guys, im on CD, and smoke but today i have decided to stop... lol only had 1 so far... good luck guys


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hi guys,

I smoked while losing weight and ended up at target weight, yet a heavier smoker than ever before!

I managed to stabilise my major weight loss for three years before even trying to quit smoking, fearing what might happen to my weight if I took away my (last remaining!) crutch. Without it, I wobbled. I held out for a while, but inevitably lost the plot and regained two stone.

I caught myself in time, followed a strict diet (not a VLCD), and am now lighter than before quitting... but now facing maintenance and stabilisation again...

Wish me luck!

Doing both together is definitely doable... but you'll probably need a "substitute" (like the gym, swimming or some REAL incentive to see you through). There again, you might be stronger than I was! Good luck whatever you decide. When I quit, I did it for financial rather than health reasons. Although we all know the health dangers of smoking, they never quite stopped me from buying cigarettes and smoking them. Counting the pennies saved, however, putting them aside for a holiday/new car/whatever... now that works!
I gave up smoking and lost 35 kilos..... I gave up smoking the same day I started my diet.

My weight loss was a bit slow.....I lost about 1 kilo the first week and then lost 500grams per week for about 6 weeks..... then I started losing 1 kilo a week.

I drank heaps of water, exercised, calorie counted and it took a good six weeks to feel okay. It was so hard.

I used gum and I still miss smoking (I even have dreams about me smoking lol)...... However, I quit to support my partner because he wanted to stop smoking and felt he could not do it alone.

Anyway, that's my story! Thanks for reading!
I have been a yoyo dieter and yoyo smoker if there is such thing, for years! I have 4 to 5 stone to lose, have had at least 3 stone to lose for as long as I can remember. I quit smoking last saturday! I did the Allen Carr seminar. I did it in Ireland but I have no doubt you can do it around the UK also. The thing about his course is it makes you sooo happy to be quitting, makes you feel so positive and in control and it was like something clicked with me. I really didnt think I could diet and stop smoking at the same time so I had intended to concentrate on getting off the cigarettes first. But I am so full of positivity that I started the Cambridge Diet sole source just on Friday. I feel great about it all. Long may it continue, I've never been on such a high in my life!
P.S. My husband still smokes.
Best of luck everyone.


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But I am so full of positivity that I started the Cambridge Diet sole source just on Friday. I feel great about it all. Long may it continue, I've never been on such a high in my life!
That's brilliant! Well done :clap:


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smoking and diet

yep i use the nicorette inhaler this works cos it really feels like having a ciggie hard to drag on etc brill i had given up for a year with this and it worked a treat but went on hols one year and had a drink too many and guess what one led back to 30 a day but this is my second time i decided whilst i was in pain from food withdrawal on the lipotrim diet i might as well ditch the cigs am on my third day now so my last ;pang; day hurrah wish me luck on both counts please seriously thou give the inhaler a try and buy the refill not the starter pack the only thing the starter pack gives you is a stupid plastic case which you wont use and it costs more for no reason one refil pack will last you till you give up fab fab fab little inhalers
I cant imagine trying to quit smoking and lose weight at the same time! hats off to anyone that can. I am hoping to try and quit once ive sorted my weight out. I was going to try the Allen Carr clinic as ive heard they are very successful, quite expensive but then my habit costs me a fortune!
Hello. I stopped smoking 3 weeks ago using patches and I cannot believe how easy it is! I was very worried about gaining weight (I'm already overweight) so I decided to give the CD a go and have now almost finished my 3rd day!! woo

I didn't really see thpoint in only doing one cos normally when I'm on a diet I smoke more and when I try to stop smoking I eat more!

This way I should be slimmer and healthier in a shorter period of time... Here's hopin anyway!
I am on day 3 of SS/790 and day 10 of not smoking (I have smoked for 33 years of my life!) Its not been too hard so far, but hate the taste in my mouth xx
I gave up, but have increased a little bit with the food intake, however, Im back on to it now and have gone back to WLR to sort it out. When I was on CD I smoked loads, but it came to a point where I didnt ever want to smoke again, so after 15 yrs I stopped going cold turkey :D I do love not smoking, that I promise. But I love being slim, and I will conquer both!
Im doing both. Easiest diet ive ever done, due to the tremendous amount of cash I am saving by not smoking or buying junk foods. The financial gain really shows which makes it all the easier for me. Lost 3 pounds in a week (just shows you don't have to gain weight when quitting).

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As of Sun morning i haven't had a fag, smoked for 20 odd yrs, gave up when i was pregnant with my girls, only to restart once i had them. Also got back on to Sole Source 2 weeks ago, so trying to diet and give up smoking at the same time, most of my friends think i am mad, can't believe i haven't had a craving for nicotine yet, think it is that i am too busy making sure i won't eat that is doing it. My husband has given up as well so it makes life a little easier, but one of my best mates has only just started smoking and trying to get me to have one of her fags. I am going to resist.
i too want to stop smoking, now im on cambridge i am smoking more than ever and it is scaring me. I dont know whether i will be able to do both, but i dont want to risk losing the weight only to put it on again when i stop smoking.
maybe the fact that i am on sole source will help me not gain weight while i stop ? given that im not eating food anyway .
think i might give it a go when i get back to work, too much time on my hands at the minute lol.


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God!!!! Well done to you folks managing both. I can't imagine being able to lose weight and give up smoking. Don't find myself smoking any more since I've been dieting but I've always been a heavy smoker. It is a goal of mine once I get to target, really admire those who have done both though.
Janey x

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