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Smoking and LighterLife ??

OK i know its bad for my health blah blah blah but i smoke :whoopass:

I am planning on quitting but you know one hurdle at a time! its day2 on LL for me and im starving! ive had all my packs and lots of water but im finding i need a cig instead of anything else...f*** wise you know??

Does it affect your weightloss? anyone here found they smoked more at the begining?? (im not just curious lol)

Whats everyone up to tonight???

Lovesyou all


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...we're sinking deeper.
I do remember that I steadily smoked more while I did LL. However, at the end of the day: you are replacing one addiction for another. I found much later that instead of eating, I'd go smoke. And at the end it did amount to almost 15 per day, from an average of 5.

Then a while later, when I went back to LL, I quit smoking a week before I started the diet ... THEN I actually had to face why I wanted to eat, or smoke. So, perhaps, when you're ready, instead of going for a ciggie when a craving for something sets in, perhaps just once a day on that occasion, sit down and address as to why you want to do those things. :) Look at the root cause!

It really does help...!!

Good luck! Perseverance is the key!

P.S. Inhaling smoke shouldn't affect your weight loss ;)
Excellent advice from Minerva(as always)i'm a smoker and use cigarettes instead of food .I have smoked more since starting LL- and still do on week 10 of RTM.I dont think it affected actual weight loss one way or the other.
Thanks girls i dont smoke alot it justs at the begining because i would rather have a cig then cave for food, tbh ive never connected food with cigs (normally eat loads anyway haha!!) but i think every now and again ill stop and think :)
Thankyou ladies!


Playing the Angel
Hey Hun

I am a smoker, and 1 no effect on weight loss, infact it tends to be a bit of an appetite supressant. I gave up fags, booze and went on a strict diet and heavy excercise programme about 18 months ago. However, giving up everything at once didn't work, you are bound to lapse. I lapsed on the food way before the fags, but ended up smoking again a year later. I made a firm decision for myself that this time around, I would continue to smoke until I have stabilised my weight for a few months - which should be by early next year, at which point then I will give up the smoking agian. I know I can give up because I have before, and now I am armed with so many more skills because of the CBT from LL. I know it is simply another addiction and how to break it. Good luck with your journey whatever you decide re the smoking.

I used to smoke while at uni, similar to minerva (4 or 5 a day) as it was something to relax me from all the stress! I gave up when I left uni 2 years ago.

When I started LL, I did find in the first few weeks that when I was bored or stressed, I thought of f**d. Then I reminded myself I couldn't have f**d, and straight away thoughts would go to ciggie instead.

Like minerva said, really it's just substitiution - you can't use f**d to cover up/deal with how you are feeling, so you use ciggie's instead. Much more important to figure out how to deal with things properly than using some other form of addiction to 'cope' with it.

That said, on more than one occasion in the past 10 months I have had a few ciggies! It's all a learning process, you can't expect to start at the end of the jouney, and I guess if an extra ciggie or two is what works for you and helps you figure out your f**d demons in the long run, then don't worry about it.

You can always quit smoking once you've finished RTM :D


...we're sinking deeper.
Don't feel bad Jezebella! If it's something you enjoy, then enjoy it. These little vices are sometimes what keep us going through the day, and I do still sometimes want one to 'cope'... but I don't allow myself. I quit for personal reasons, one of which was a death directly linked to smoking of a close friend's mum. So it was important for me, and for my health. I don't want my (future) kids to grow up without a mum. ... and I know how tough that is, since I lost my own when I was 4.

However, I do know of many people who know how to moderate their smoking habit and live healthily to a ripe old age without any problem! Everything in moderation is the key, a few ciggies here and there shouldn't be discriminated against. :)


Playing the Angel
Min, I would love to know how you got to be such a wise old owl at such a young age? I admire you tremendously. Not only do you write beautifully, but the thought and care behind your words always shines through, have you ever considered some kind of councilling as a career choice, you would be amazing at it and I for one, would pay to lie on your couch!!!



The Minis Bad Boy
Oh dear. I smoke too. BL you are a terrible mum. That means that both of your children (ThinD & I) smoke because of you. Thats what I am telling the counsellor anyway.

But in all seriousness I have found that I am smoking less on LL. You are all gonna hate me. But smoking makes me hungry and smoking only makes me want to cheat on LL. I am down to around 4 a day smoking wise.


...we're sinking deeper.
Well done Sulley! Just goes to show that things do affect each one of us differently!

And Jezebella... What a lovely thing to say! :) Thank you for lifting me up with your kind words. Certainly helps on a gloomy day like this. I hope your day has been going well. :)

I have indeed considered a career to be a counsellor for quite a long time, maybe when I'm done with Criminology MA and Police career choice and have kids of my own I'll go into training for it. :) I'll be older and wiser and will have much more experience to draw upon! :D


The Minis Bad Boy
Wow intellgent girl. MA in Criminology? I had a few friends who did that so I can see how tough it is at degree level.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
thats our min , shes a veritable einstein (lol i cant even spell !!!)
I have found i smoke alot less since starting lighterlife before it might have been 3 or 4 aday because i don't smoke around my little one i smoke outside and british weather not always permitting any way now it might be 1 or 2 aweek some times none in a week.

x x x sam x x x
I agree with Jez, Min i think you would be the perfect candidate..... you seem very direct and just in general what advice you give to others, you truly are a natural.


...we're sinking deeper.
Eeep... shush now ladies, I very much appreciate your lovely words, but I don't like compliments much! I'm just happy that I can provide some assistance and a helpful prod in the right direction every once in a while.

Never forget, that the answers you seek are almost always in the closest place to you. The place that we seem to ignore so often; inside our own selves. It is wise, to take about 5 minutes each day, and close your eyes in a nice quiet place, and just let your mind wander. ... it's surprising how truly difficult it is.

Go on though. I dare you. ;)

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