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is a naughty girl...
Every year I try and give something up for lent and this year I decided to do smoking eek! So I have done just over 2.5 weeks and not finding it that bad. Has anyone else given anything up for lent or tried giving up smoking while doing CD.

NB the nictoine replacement things can have sugar in them! (found that out the hard way!)
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CongratS! I have never smoked but I have seen people struggle for years to quit.



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Well done, good for you,i gave up smoking 2 years come may, ive saved money and my chest feels a whole lot better and ive never looked back i didnt give up for lent, i gave up as my dad had cancer which he died from and he smoked for many many years


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Well done Megan!!!!! Thats SOOOO good!!! What a brill way to give your life an extra few years!!! :D

I gave up 5 years this June and feel GOOOOOOOOOD! (albeit i put on bout 4/5 stone hence Cambridge!)


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I am about to give up in the next few days. Just got my pack to finish off and am then stopping. Need to stop as feel really tight chested. Hope I can do it.

Well done you on quiting.


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you can all do this, be carefull as i put on weight,but if you stay focused you can do it, if i can do it so can you xx


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from what i understand it isn't the lack of nicotine that makes you gain weight when you quit - it's because smoking is an appetite suppressant so when you stop your appetite increases - you may find that your lucky as the ketosis takes this issue away, it's just the boredom/habit snacking and mental hunger that may be difficult! but wish you heaps of luck hun! if you can give up food you can give up this! :)

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2.5 weeks is great. My OH went cold tuckey at new year so I kind of know how hard it can be. Keep going your doing great. Also well done to Duncan


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oh no why do you say you found out the hard way in regards to smoking replacement products?

I stopped smoking and 10 week ago and start ssing yesterday but an using patches, is this gonna screw up my weight lost?

thanks in advance.


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