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yes :( unfortuantly. Its not loads of syns.. but it can add up in smoothies. I really want a smoothie too but cant justify syns on fruit? LOL xxx


It seems very strange doesnt it - its still in its raw state and not been cooked, just mushed down a bit!!

Never mind!

Thanks for yor help!


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it changes the density of the food, and thus ( I think) makes the way your body processes and uses it different.. i think because it doesnt have to work as hard, it then has syns?

iv never been entirly clear, but can see the logic. Correct me if im wrong anyone? or have explained it a bit poo! x


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SW see it as a waste of calories that won't fill you up.

for example the average glass of orange juice contains 8 oranges. you could drink it quickly and it wouldn't satisfy you. if you sat and ate 8 oranges you'd probably feel sick and it would fill you up.


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Karen is right. if you think to yourself that you could sit and eat in one go say one apple followed by 2 pears then two oranges and a banana, pop them in the smoothie and you will get probably about 2 egg cup fulls. How long would that last you and it wouldn't satisfy any hunger needs as the chewing has been done for you xx


I am totally confused by this smoothie issue! What about home made soup....do you have to syn that?


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Nope - soup is still free. I think it is because fruit does have a high calorie and sugar content - remember that at first fruit was synned on SW!! A banana is about 100 calories - you could eat one maybe two it thier 'natural' state and be pretty full but if you pureed them you could drink a good few easily and not even feel like you have eaten anything 'proper'.

It's one of those things that might not make total sense, but if you don't pay attention to "the rules" it does make a big sdifference to your weight loss.