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snack attack:(

It's totm for me and I have been on such a bad snack mode today!! I can't resist and almost felt like crying. SO I just went and got myself a packet of crunchos almonds!!:cry:I couldn't stop it!! My goodness! it was so bad:( Have to get back on the diet and not do this! I know I know!:wave_cry:
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It was a mistake, you're only human. Back on the horse again and no snack attacks anymore, promised?


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Jump back on the diet hun and get back on track. I know how you feel. I've been really tempted lately, so I ran upstairs and sorted my clothes out. Felt so much better to throw clothes that were too big.
Aww, you poor love. Hormones are horrid to us aren't they!? Don't worry about it, there's no point feeling guilty, just get back on the wagon and forget about this and show those hormones what for!
I am off the diet for today and I was yesterday too...:( I can't stay on the diet today... There is too much happening and I feel I can get back on this tomorrow when I am better and things have settled down. And from tomorrow its going to be very strict business for me. I am having a bad week and I can't do justice to this diet. SO I am taking a break today and starting again tomorrow...Please don't be disappointed with me... I am not giving up. When I do something I want to do it well... Pray for me:( I am discouraged...


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I think sometimes, when it all gets too much and you slip into negative mode, you just have to get it out of your system and do what you feel the need to do.

But...of course, the longer you stay off plan, the harder it can be to get back on again. One day off and you may slip back into ketosis in 24 hours. 2 days, and it might take longer:sigh:

So perhaps you could make a plan. When (or if) it starts up again, give yourself permission to do 810.

In fact, it'll probably be a good idea to go onto 810 as soon as possible. 810 is fab. It'll be on plan. You'll get to eat! And if you then decide you want to SS again, a few days into 810, it'll be so much easier.:cool:

Best of luck :)
Thanks KD for your advice. I think that is what I am going to do. It's been hectic at work and my son has fever ... so it's not easy at the moment. I liked your idea of switching to 810. I really love CD and everytime I cheat I feel so let down ...this diet is far better than many others I have put myself through! Thank you for listening and helping me here...:) hugs


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Thank you for listening and helping me here...:) hugs
You're welcome :)

It's all head stuff (with a little bit of body stuff thrown in :D) This diet is the easiest diet to do ever, if the head is in the right place. Of course...head moves, and it can be the hardest ever because it's just not very forgiving:sigh:

But, the great thing about Cambridge is that it does have plans to help you cope with those times. You can 'cheat' without 'cheating' :clap:

You have to look at it positively though. Not "I guess I'll have to do 810:cry:". Instead "Hey fab...I can do 810...eat...enjoy...and still be on plan and lose oodles of weight" :clap:

As I say. It's the head stuff. Easy to sort if you know what to do, but hard because people tend to talk just about food, calories, blah. Often it's not about the food at all...it's about the head.
wow!! thanks luv:) that is such an inspirational and thought provoking talk! I know it's my head that has to be set in place... and I didn't feel deprived at all KD when I did CD. It went very well but then I realized the more I cheat the harder its to get back on! I wrote little notes all over my desk at work and I am going to read it every day which says "Stick to CD!" whatever it takes for me to be on this. I have exactly 30 days before I go for vacation for 6 days and I am adamant that I will do this on full steam for the next 30 days! :mad:You have to keep checking on me KD! PLEASE!!:eek: I will also need some tips how to stay on the diet maybe 810 while on the trip so I don't gain anything and enjoy the trip:p...Thank you for helping! Love always:)
Hi KD! good morning:) I am very good now:) phew! I had a tough time last week but I am on the diet again and stuck to it all the way and will continue to do so. I weighed myself and lost a kilo!!!:) I am happy happy happy! Thank you for your support love! I really appreciate it. You are a blessing.. hugs:)

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