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Snack Suggestions - beyond the most obvious!

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by lt52, 21 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    I am desperate to try out some new snack suggestions. I am starting to get really bored of eating the same old things all the time and they are quite boring and bland.

    I've had a look at people's diaries and other suggestions but they are all the same. Sugar Free Jelly, Yoghurts, Fruit, Meat, Mugshots or cook extra of your meal to snack on after. I've even tried putting fruit on a cocktail stick and dipping it in yoghurt, freezing grapes, making 'jelly sweets', but with minimal luck and again its all the same stuff.

    I would love to start a thread of the more 'beyond obvious' snack suggestions that are a little more special and unique and syn free or as close to syn free as possible - i am sure I am not the only one who wants a bit more of a sparkle in a cheeky afternoon snack. Please post any suggestions you may have ... I am a little worried that four months in, 3 and a 1/2 stone off and I will now become bored and go off the plan :-/

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  3. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    I will start off with one I've got, simply to not have a B Option for breakfast (cereal or porridge) and have it as 2 Alpen light bars or Slimming World Hi-Fi bars throughout the day .... that's about the only decent one I've come up with.

    Happy posting,
  4. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Full Member

    Popcorn? I like metcafes skinny popcorn. Its only 4 syns for a 17g bag.
  5. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Not bad actually - I can be a little picky with popcorn though!
  6. Ardzgrly88

    Ardzgrly88 Full Member

    Would you maybe try a muller light yogurt or any syn free yogurt with two chocolate chip cookies crushed on top? I would have this some times when I have syns to use and feeling peckish. The cookies are 5 syns for two I have worked it out.
  7. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    That's a nice idea, could do it with Oreos or Alpen Light bars too.
  8. Ardzgrly88

    Ardzgrly88 Full Member

    Yeah I never thought of Oreos now that would be nice, especially with the new skinny cappuccino yogurt muller have out :)
  9. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    I had some leftovers today in the fridge including chickpeas. Blended up with some el mayo and garlic to make yummy hummus. I had 5syns worth of Ritz type crackers, grapes and a hexa cheese with it for an afternoon snack. Thinking on an apple would have been nice with it too! I feel like I should be guilty but im not!
  10. Beckieee

    Beckieee Silver Member

    Peanut butter hifi is so worth a HExB :D also try getting berries, yoghurt (muller/natural) and meringue and mixing it together (3 syns per meringue but they go far). This tastes like eaton mess :)
  11. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Lovely idea thank you. I have to say I'm not as impressed with the hifi as I thought I would be :(
  12. Beckieee

    Beckieee Silver Member

    youre welcome :) I tried the dark choc and mint one first, it was nice but not amazing, but I love the salted caramel :) I've heard rocky road is nice, which ones have you tried? Xx
  13. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Love the Rocky Road ones, taste like quite a decent chocolate bar as well. Not a fan of marshmellow but I munch them first then eat the bottom bit the hint of cherry makes it for me! They are my fave.
    Not enjoying the salted caramel - going to have one later then I've only got one left. Tried the mint one too, nothing special but I did enjoy the mint I think for a bit of a change.
    Also tried the chocolate and caramel ones, they are ok too an you can have two but I think too many of them and I've ended up going off them a little bit. Tried the chocolate and orange ones - didn't like them though. Also tried the peanut heaven ones, they are ok but I don't get the nutty bit from that.

    Think that's all I've tried - I do like them and find them interesting but some are a bit of a let down :(

  14. rm247

    rm247 Full Member

    try seafood sticks, you get a pack of 12-20 depending on shop for for £1, indivually wrapped so they get your hands busy and thus seem to fill you up more, completely free and as they are fish (mostly crab) based they count as a super speed food as well.

    I swear by them. 3-4 of those in an evening rather than a bag of crisps or biscuits and i feel fuller afterwards.
  15. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, I really really really hate them though... thanks anyway
  16. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Adding this - holland and barrett - 0.5 syn sweets - guess they ok for snacking too lol


  17. K33tah

    K33tah Member

    Asda meringue nests only 3.5 syn s each. I love a plain one at night in bed taking little nibbled so it's lasts for ages and no fruit in site so it's extra naughty. Frozen yoghurt are yummy too. If your craving sugar eat some high acidity fruit so you get that irritation/rough feel in your mouth. Doesn't give you that sugar fix but puts you off a little like when you eat too many sour sweets
    If I'm having a bad day or constantly feel hungry ill cook a big batch of over salted pasta, over cook it a little and leave it in the water for a few hours on a low heat then ill heat half a tin of Tom's and eat a bowl of it every time I want high syn foods. It sounds gross but it just reminds me of unhealthy canteen pasta and tastes rather yummy, gives me the food coma you get after a greasy takeaway and a bit of bloat so I can't eat much more.
  18. K33tah

    K33tah Member

    2.5 syns for the meringue not 3.5
  19. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    I have recently found meringue nests too I got small ones from morrisons, only a syn each which I thought was good
  20. K33tah

    K33tah Member

    I also use my healthy extras on cheese on toast most days. :)
  21. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Ooo I so need to do that, I love cheese on toast and for me the cheeseier the better lol
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