Snacking on cooked chicken?


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Do portion sizes have to be strictly adhered to...or is it ok to 'snack' on cooked chicken?
I'm struggling a bit and am desperate to 'eat' even if it's only chicken.
This difficult time is a fantastic opportunity for you to really address your food demons ;)

Why is it that you are desparate to eat? What do you think you will get from eating? What situation and how are you feeling at the moment that is making you desparate to eat?

It is the difficult times that dictate just how quickly we get to our goals. Not only that, if you can really learn to deal with this demon that is pulling you towards food then you will have a head start when it comes to maintaining your weight loss. If you don't deal with you food demons then it will be harder to maintain any loses you acheive.

I would advise you to stick to your diet by doing whatever you need to to get you through this evening and then think about what happend tonight and what coping strategies you can put in place ready for the next time you feel tempted. This way you will be making things easier and easier as time goes on :)
Snacking (even on chicken) could be the start of a slippery slope. I know with me, if I start snacking on a bit of chicken or ham it leads to the odd knob of cheese then the odd tomato or bit of cuecumber.

Unless you are doing AAM and you need to have your ration of meat and veg, I would try your hardest to beat the temptation.

I know it's really difficult but it's alot more difficult to do it in moderation that to completely abstain. Once you give in it may be like a green light to have just that little snack.

Try to find something else to occupy your mind. Very hard I know but if you are strict with yourself you will get much better results alot easier than if you do snack.

It's up to you at the end of the day but I know from experience that one small bite of anything that's not on your plan, invariably leads to another and another and before you know it it's running away with you. A week has passed and your gutted and wish you had been good.

Good luck and keep on drinking the water!
Know how you feel

My husband and I have been doing the diet for 7ish weeks now. We seem to have hit the time when during other diets we would start to cheat a little. Then its a slippery slope. We have had quite a bad week for feeling weak in the evenings wondering if we should dare to eat some meat. (as we know it wouldn't knock us out of ketosis). We have not caved in as we are so close to the 3 stone mark and don't want to blow it. We need to get ourselves out of this mindset as its doing no good.

I decided that putting our before pics up on the inside of a cupboard door might help as we haven't got round to printing them off yet. Hope this will help us and make us think more before we do anything.


P.S. Weigh-in tonight. Have I got to 3 stone mark?
Well done on managing to stay abstinent!!!!

I learnt the hard way that snacking on anything other than CD is a slippery slope!! I justified it to myself and soon started adding bits and pieces seeing just how much i could get away with.
it has meant i have stayed the same weight for a month and a half when i cold have been an extra stone and a half down!

Keep at it you are doing so well and keep reminding yourself the longer you stay abstinent the quicker you'll get to your goal!!!!
Thanks Helen...yep that should do it....I must keep telling myself that I want to be slim more than I want to eat. It's strange - some days I find it really easy, and quite liberating knowing that I can't eat anything...and others I find it really hard.
No problem!! :) And i think everyone who has done a VLCD will be nodding their heads with you there. SOme days are so so hard, then others it feels like the easiest thing in the world!!!