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Slow and steady...
Ok, this is more of a public moan at myself than anything!!

I have stuck to the plan 100% all week, sticking to around 7 syns a day. Then the weekend arrives and boo! Without the structure of work I find myself just raiding the fridge and eating whatever comes easiest to hand. My meals are still SW friendly but my snacking is just out of control.

Does anyone else have issues with snacking over the weekend, and what do you do to stop/find something to snack on that is SW friendly (please god no more fruit!!).
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Why not make a slimming world quiche, but make it in bun cases? I always find these are good for snacking on?

Or make some jelly? Or cook a chicken and slice it up?
I ease up a little on myself over the weekend, allow myself up to 2 bananas and 2 yoghurts a day.
Also I try and keep my HEs for throughout the day rather than breakfast to give myself some more options.
+ I have 15syns at the weekend too.
No, but they aren't speed or superspeed, and pretty calorie dense for fruit. I'd rather limit them to ensure I eat more S or SS food and greater variety.


I see the light!

what about a vat of soup?? Make it up and put it in the fridge, when you are feeling peckish, ladle it into a mug and microwave, yummy and filling too.

As for the banana thing, I too avoid too many bananas, its more of a habit thing with me, bananas are easy to eat, and I would grab one from the fruit bowl more or less everytime I went past it, I would sometimes eat 2 or 3 a day, I noticed my weight loss slowing, and reined in the fruit habit, I wasn't actually hungry, so didn't really need to eat them, and low and behold the weightloss started up again, am not saying that everyone should watch their banana intake, but it definately made a difference to me, I was just being a piggy with them!!

Helen xxx
No, but agreeing with suplizi they are very tasty and very easy to eat too many of!

Having said that, there's a lady at my group who has lost 7 stone and eats 33 bananas a week!!!
I tend to do this due to boredom on weekends! Try and keep busy but wehave (me and my mother) made up jelly cups with fruit in them and stops me snaking on sweets and biscuits my downfall is crisps lol or when my bf gets a take away I have a few of his chips lol


I see the light!
No, but agreeing with suplizi they are very tasty and very easy to eat too many of!

Having said that, there's a lady at my group who has lost 7 stone and eats 33 bananas a week!!!
see its horses for courses isn't it - we all have individual bodies and what suits one may not suit another. So someone at the beginning of their weightloss journey, loosing each week nicely, shouldn't think BANANASSS ARE BADDD, because they most definately arn't and are muchh better than a bar of choccy!!!

Helen xxx
I plan more at the weekend, and make sure I cook really filling meals and have lots of syn free snacks at hand, otherwise I'll end up grazing all day!

I also like to go for a walk if the weather is nice, or do something productive in the house, because if i'm bored that's when I snack.
I find it hard too, especially when my OH is home because he snacks on lots of bad food. So I have resorted to buying a 1L bottle of water (I refill this twice a day) and drink this every time I feel peckish and I find that not only am I drinking more water but that I am not as hungry as I think I am! I also have fruit cut up in the fridge (melons, strawberries, raspberries etc) all in a big bowl and have that when I want something sweet! I've also bought a big pack of carrot sticks and have been tucking into a bowl of them. It's hard, but if you have healthy snacks around you then it makes it easier to reach for. Makes me feel super good when I resist all those synful treats!


Never gets tired of SW!
Re banana-gate, I'd rather have a banana, knowing that it will alleviate my sugar craving and give me energy than give in to a chocolate bar! They may not be superspeed but they may save us from reaching for something much worse later on! Sometimes it's about weighing things up!


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I think the trick is to just try and keep yourself busy or plan plan plan. If you know your problem area is snacking at the weekends, try and accomodate for it by making SW friendly snacks in advance and adding them into your daily menu. I struggle with snacking in the evenings so I normally try and cut back through out the day and make some low syn or free snacks ready for when the snack-attack comes!

Another thing I've noticed is that a lot of the times I go to get something out of the fridge, I'm not actually hungry so I get a glass of water instead or make something for my OH (luckily for him he needs to put on weight lol)... I think it's just the routine of heading to the kitchen and fiddling about with stuff.

Hope it goes better next weekend! :) x


Never gets tired of SW!
Yes it's purely a matter of a combination of organisation and distraction!! Try keeping yourself busy- go out for a walk, do an hour of cleaning, do an hour of ironing, take a bath, read a book, anything at all that time/family life allows you to do! Also having things to hand like SW quiche (i love the bun case idea!!) hard boiled eggs, cooked and chilled sausages, the aforementioned vat of soup, or you could have a syn free curry or chilli in a bowl in the fridge that you can snack on- it may feel naughty but it's not!X

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