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Sneaky weigh-ins...

Just wondering how many of us are guilty of doing it!!??

I know my hands up & I really dont know why I do it to myself. I think it may be that my weight can be crazy different one week to the next I want an idea of what to expect at my class!? Sunday the scales read that I'd lost 6lbs only to find Monday at WI I'd lost 1/2lb. Even before I weigh myself I know it wont be the same as at class.

I will NOT do it again!!! BAH :eek:
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I used to do this too when I did SW the last time around. However this time I have been really good and only got weighed in class as I figure its what I pay them for. I have also found I am a lot less stressed about it all when I'm not hopping on the scales every day and it make my Tuesday WI something to look forward to



its a long road
I do it and my scales are always completely different to the slimming world ones

so im going to try and just wait till Thursdays but after a bad weekend it seems like a good idea lol


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hi i am guilty of this i weigh myself on a tue morn (offically tonight) and every week the sw ones are differnt 2 mine . last week they were half less so i am hoping that will be the case 2night lol .
i love class because when i did ww you had to get weighted with slippers/or trainers but in sw you can go bare footed:D


Nojo on the YoYo
I went to a WW class and not once did they ever make me weigh in my shoes. You must have had a *****y consultant. The shoe-removal is the dieter's mental saving grace!

I weigh when i shouldn't. I am sitting here all upset after a bad day yesterday and a bad week in general. Got some inspiration from a dvd my consultant loaned me and blogged about it though, maybe it will help others too?


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hey vix ,
yeah my c was okay but was pretty stict bout the footwear thing had a big poster up an everything ! hugs to you and enjoy yur day , i am off to work , start at 1 work in a nursery so will prob have sore head at 6! . then off to wi "speak" soon x
Not removing your shoes is crazy!! I did WW online so I weighed at home.

Im going to have someone hide my scales so there's no chance of me weighing myself before official weigh-in.

Will have a look on your blog at the dvd Vixx x


Nojo on the YoYo
You can buy them after the awards if you go to the awards, my consultant goes and you can pay in advance for a copy of the event, then they post it to you. You could ask your C if she's ever been to one and gotten the DVD. She found it when she was clearing out and since I went to the Woman of the Year thing with the girl from our class who won she thought I might like the see the final shebang for some inspiration. And it really really was!! The women looked amazing! Me want!


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I weight my self everyday to make sure im not putting out on lol!!! i know i shouldnt but i cant snap out of it help!!!
I also weigh myself every morning. I know its against the "rules" :nono: but I can't help it! I'm addicted! I think that if I dont weigh myself I go off the rails a bit. I get into the mentality that it'll be alright (and often it is far from alright!) But if I weigh myself daily then I feel more in control and Monday nights aren't a shock. Am I really so bad??? :ashamed0005:
I usually weigh myself at home before I go to SW (gulp) so I don't get too paranoid at WI!!


I will succeed!!!
I used to do this a lot, but I did a little experiment and saw how much weight can change in a 24hr period. I do sometimes check to make sure I am on course but I try not too - it's a tease or misleading.

:) x
I'm really guilty of doing this. The thing is I don't own a set of scales so I drive to my mums to weigh myself which is even worse! I also got so confused one week between what I had weighed the week before (official WI) and what I weighed mid week that I thought I had put on a lb when in fact I had sts!!! (I don't go to class so I WI at home).
I'm a member of the every morning club! It's jsut habit, get up, have a wee, weigh myself. It helps to really keep me on track. I know that it can go up and down from day to day, so I don't beat myself up over it changing. But I have good inner peace when I know that I'm on top of it each day.

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