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sneaky WI...Gutted :-(

Our weight fluctuates during the week - which is why sneaky peeks usually result in unhappiness when they do not read the results we want them too. Stick to your weigh in day, try not to look at the scales apart from that.

Also, are you eating all your points? xxx


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((hug)) there's a whole 2 days till friday the pound can easily come off in that time, please don't become dispondent ((hug)) keep to the plan and see how it goes.


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Allison - step away from the scales until weigh in day. As has been said our weight fluctuates throughout the week. Carry on plodding away and the weight will come off.


Don't be down! I've known to be able to lose 3lbs in the last two days (when I used to weigh myself everyday).
Now I get my OH to hide the battery for the scales!

Your weight will go up and down so don't worried about this glitch.


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thanks :-( i mean i dont see how i could physically gain weight, im eating right and im on placement so running arounds wards all day!!

i can see me crying into my wine come friday night :-(
i can see me crying into my wine come friday night :-(
I weighed myself on the Monday to see I had put on 1lb - but come weigh in day on the Tuesday I hadnt. (ok I maintained) Just wait till Friday. You may be pleasantly shocked.:)
Week 4 day 3 Id lost 3lbs weigh-in day Id lost 1.5lbs
Last week day 5 Id lost 4lbs weigh in lost 2.5 lbs

Both times I was fed up and confused as I had under my points and exercised drank green tea..........

I scale hop and wish I didnt,as said we can lose last minute.........I think I gained as I hadnt had all my points?

I used to lose the weigh-in day and the day before would be 1-2lbs heavier,I think scale hoppers tend to yoyo as we see gains and fail when really our bodies are strange.
Do as everyone says and me put the scales away until weigh-in day and try our hardest not to peak ;) xx


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
a womans weight fluctuates by 3lbs each week.... so i wouldnt worry too much, i've lost 4lbs in a night before! XX

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