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snickers !!!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i have a snickers duo in my bag that someone didn't want!!! i do not want to eat it i am taking it home for the other half, it is calling my name it keeps wispering ever so softly " eat me ... eat me i taste really nice, like a mars bar but better.. and i'm healthy because i have nuts" now i'm not a malicious person but i want the snickers to pay for the discomfort it's causing me. i have been so good this weekend i even watched everyone eat fish and chips whilst i had linda mcartney sausages and beans. Why oh why do i always end up in temptations way i am going to live with vegan monks who have an aversion to chocolat , peanuts and anything fried!!!!!:mad:
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i love snickers, especially the ice cream ones. but i do agree with Sarah-Jayne. What i have been told to do by someone, cant remember who, think of Chocolate as poison then you might not want to eat it.
Have tried that and i like poison :)


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i am not going to eat it !! i just resent the fact it's there i'm really starting to hate some stuff, i don't believe i have ever hated another person as much as i hated those fish and chips at the weekend lol just for being all grosse and fatty and taunting, i'm gonna turn into one of those wierd vegan people who don't eat anything with a fat content haha


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
haha i wouldn dare just attempt to lick it , and i dint mean vegans were wierd hon i put it with the people who don't eat anything at all thats what i menat vegan and no fat XXXx i was myself for a while and it's hard work so no disrespect.

Mrs V

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Lol...you dont need it Huni!!! Its evil and will only make you fat! I have to repeat this mantra several times before anything sinks in, but it does...imagine that someone has already licked it and thats why they didnt want it!


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You've managed to resist thus far, you can do it!!

Good on you for even thinking of giving it to OH, I'd have launched it in the bin by now - I hate waste but sometimes, you just gotta.

Saying that though, if you do bin it, pour something awful over the top of it just to make sure. Not that I have ever taken anything out of the bin once I'd chucked it, no, not me............
snickers ice-cream is ALOT less syns and lasts and imo tastes better!!! for 11 syns.. OR have a snickers flapjack for 8. Yum.

Stay strong.. Your doing so well! x


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i didn't eat the god darned thing it is still sat on the side board at home !!!! i did however give in and eat malteasers today, todaY is not a good day lol


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In my days of hardcore binging chocoholism, I ate over 20 Snickers bars a day - and other bars besides! It ballooned me up to over 16 stone and made me an acne-ridden, lethargic mess. The Snickers has a lot to answer for!!

I say take it out, put it on the floor, and jump up and down on it feverishly! Squash that delicious nutty b*stard! And you'll burn some good cals at the same time. ;)


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After the squashathon, maybe go and have a lovely steaming mug of Belgian choc Options with an Alpen choc fudge cereal bar. Less than a third of the cals and a tiny fraction of the fat of one Snickers and you'll have earned it!

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