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Snow - again!

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Hi, yup my eldests school is closed too, he's soo excited! We have about 3inches here so far and it's still coming down fast!

Where abouts are you?

Emma xXx
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im in derby - got a good covering and its still snowing, but only very slightly, where are you?
(edited cos ive just seen that you are in sleaford!)
booooo, I work from home so don't get snow days!!


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Attempted to make it into work this morning - but as none of our roads have been gritted its just sheet ice. Roads are closed around me, and any others have accidents on them. Had to do 3 point turn in the road, and go back home..although on the way I managed to skid and hit the verge.

Got home in tears and shaking. Stuff this - I'm working from home!
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Hope you're ok EmVeg. It's scary skidding, isn't it? I skidded going downhill on the way to the LL meeting Monday, I deliberately aimed at the verge rather than hitting anything else, but I was pretty shaken.

Folks, stay at home if it's bad where you are, don't risk it.


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:cry:Noooooooo my school is open

Its silly, i have the same situation you had Pete. We are under staffed as most teachers phoned to say they could not come in due to snow. Then the coaches carrying the kids did not arrive due to snow, we have a 3rd of the kids in only.

I should have phoned in to say im snowed in too, which i was but battled on through for the sake of the children.... except they are not here lol
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Hi all, in Birmingham Snow day today again (second one this week)! kids school shut and double bonus i work in a school and thats shut too. My hubby went to go to work at 6.45am he was back by 7.05am! now he's working from home, and i've been playing in the snow lol
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I'm lucky I can work from home so its not too bad, Im in Carshalton near Croydon and the snow is slowly starting to melt but still deadly icy.
I'm not sure working from home is lucky! I'd much rather be told not to work because of the weather!
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Thats the thing, despite there being no london transport and the cars snowed in, the scrooges out our place said we would have to make up the time, even though it was physically impossible to get in!
now that's just no fun at all. Can't making snowmen and sledgind be counted as CPD?


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The news keeps really annoying me! Apparently the south-east is the only area not affected! Well it blooming well is. Other areas might be running out of salt to grit - where I am NO ROADS have been at all. Not even A, B or motorways.

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