Snow school due to snow school transport due to snow


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Hi All,

Just a note to ask how many of you have your kids off school due to the snow!!!

Had laptop by the bed this morning so that I could check the school closures web page without getting out of bed, and low and behold as there is not any Council Run School Transport and also as the paths etc round school are dangerous there is no school today... and looking at the weather forcast I think it could be for rest of week.

So I have Ben off school, doing his Mr Bossy Boots impression, so far today (bearing in mind he didn't wake up til 10am), we have watched DVD, played on Wii and surfed the internet, especially You Tube looking for Thomas The Tank Engine and his favourite thing at the moment Rubbish Lorries.

As I type this he is watching a re-run of An Audience with Sir Cliff Richard... and is singing along to all the songs (thanks to my mother in law for that!!).. and he wants to watch it again!!

Anyway I have to go into work tonight, braving the freezing temperatures again, luckily my manager is willing to let us go home once we have completed all our work and that will hopefully be at around 9.30pm, so should be home by 945...but it will just be my luck that the work will be late and I will be left with my colleague moaning about how we should be allowed home as weather is bad, that it's dangerous for her to drive her car etc, its alright for me as I have a new car (through Mobility). Its not as if I havent offered to pick her up and drop her at home, I just think she likes to moan about be honest last night she did my head in :jelous: :jelous:

So far today I have actually managed to stay on plan...mainly because I am too busy running around after Ben.

I have to start losing this excess 8.5 stone, which I can actually visualise as that weight is just over twice Ben's current weight and I struggle to lift him these days...

As I type it is just starting to sprinkle with snow again, hopefully it will just be a little shower, as it seemed that the snow was actually beginning to thaw.

If Ben is off school tomorrow, its also being Kevin's day off tomorrow we will more than likely build our snow family again, can't decide whether to characterise them like last year when we had "The Lush" - Had an empty whiskey bottle, and "Lusty Busty" - Had a couple of balloons as boobies.. :banghead:

Hope to get myself orgainised enough to start doing food diaries etc next week.

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My Mum's off school for the 2nd day, lol but there are over 1000 schools shut in the West Mids. Everything grinds to a halt but my stubbon fiance thinks it's safe to drive 300 miles to Edinburgh via Leeds. Ah well. Peace & quiet for a few days though I got cabin fever this morning and was nearly tearing my hair out! 30mins on the Wii Fit fixed that. :D


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i live by south east coast(very near the sea) and i was amazed when my little oens school closed....weve hardly any snow!!! and when we did have thick snow the last time it took them hours to close the school...go figure....i was brought up in yorkshire and loved the snow and didnt think it was anything to moan bout lol..but now...grrrrr i hate the dam stuff!!! so inconvenient....i have to walk everywhere and tomorrow is sposed to be shopping day but as i live on high ground god knows how il get down the hill to the shops lol :confused:


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My brother's and sister are off school today as well. Oh how I wish I was back at school... we never got days off! Then again, we never had snow either... :(


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Not sure where you are Blufizz but the schools in Bexhill are open. In fact there is hardly any snow at all on the ground bearing in mind it's been snowing all day!!!


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I suppose it all depends if the teachers can get in, or if theres frozen pipes, etc!

My wee girl got in today for the first time since the hols, I had to walk her down. I can't get my car out, so have been off work.


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not far from you sue and part from mega slush theres still not much on the ground and its been sprinkling all day .....they just seem to go into panick mode here lol..tho to be fair little ones school it slightly out of the borough...still maybe it is cos of the teachers not being able to get in...just wish itd stop!! lol


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i'm a trainee teacher and the school I'm placed at was closed today and is closed tomorrow. I'll find out in the morning whether we will reopen again before the weekend, but I hate being in the house. It really is too icy to go anywhere pleasurably and when I'm inside all day I pick at food. There is still so much high syn food left from Christmas. Most of it was gifts so we can't bear to throw it away and have been so good at keeping each other off it. As we're both iced in now at least for another 36 hours we're going to have to be really good. Thankfully we managed to skid our way to the supermarket today and currently have a larder full of fresh fruit and veg too, so here's hoping I can keep enough control to reach for that and not the syns!


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My wee ones school is open but the schools car park is a skatin rink so cars cant go down it (council says its not likley to get done any time soon) so we have to pull in on a busy road with quarry lorries flying up and down its also a main road used when moterway closed/busy

so how is emergancy servies to get there if something happens?
so keeping my 5yr at home and going to school to get her homework until council gets there fingers out


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I'm a teacher - my school very rarely closes. I think we've had 1 snow day (last year - must admit had left for work and was VERY scared driving even in the city centre as it felt like I was trying to steer a roller skate so was ecstatic to hear that the school was closed). The only other closure we had was inflicted on us by the energency services when they found an old WWII bomb in the area that had to be detonated.

I wonder if there are statistics that show which schools close most often? It might help me choose a potential new place of employement in the future. Hmmm.


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There are so many schools closed in Lincs, my DD's school is shut today. The roads ares bad, the pavements are bad, there's very little grit, my shopping wasn't delivered....

I'm really really fed up with the snow now but it's not showing signs of going any time soon.


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:D:D Ben went back today - Northamptonshire School Transport up and running. He wasn't very pleased as daddy's day off, to be honest am suprised as he attends a Special Educational Needs School and many of the children have a physical disability and they are open.

Where abouts in Lincolnshire are you, as I am I Lincolnshire Yellow Belly born and bred and my parents still live in the area.



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my two sons school is still open but they have given parents the option of keeping the children at home if we want to. Where we are, about 1/4 mile outside of the village down a little country lane, the road is horrendous, however, get into the village and its quite passable. I have kept my two off ........ love having them home and I drive a C1 which is the equivalent of Bambi wearing roller-skates on an ice rink! Its just not worth risking all our lives, especially as C1's havent even heard of a 'crunch zone' and I am sure would crumble if someone so much as blew on it too hard! .. SO we are all inside, cosy and toasty, watching tv, playing Wii, on the computer. . its lovely. although they have already eaten their school lunch ( they thought that was very exciting to be eating that , at home an early). :)


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two teachers here trapped in Lancaster...well not trapped so much...just off work because of school and college closures. We are naturally, still doing lots of work to prepare for next week and get all of the admin done, but it's very demoralising having to choose between staying safe and warm and going out for fresh air but risking limbs...

Wish we had invested in that fitness dvd we saw in Sainsbury's now. At least we could have had some directed exercise!


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I'm a student teacher meant to be having my prep week for my first school placement to start teaching next week - not been in at all with school closed all week so far due to weather. It's giving me extra planning time but with the closure my planning is all to pot now :cry:


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Eldest was back on monday and then off all week, youngest 2 were back on tuesday well suppose and were off till today, but im half hour away from school and there is no way i can walk in this ice with a kid who refuse to walk who has autism, i mean i have car but it wont go anywhere i cant get it out of my garden cos i hve a bit of a ditch and wheel just turning and wont go anwhere so im stuck with 3 kids all week and was really looking forward to hitting gym and stuff.


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Mine off yesterday and today. Think they're a bit soft really but well, may as well let kids enjoy it! Like everyone else though I was looking forward toa couple of hours a day to myself