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Getting married in July!!
Hi everyone. I hope u r all enjoying the snow and that the roads arent too bad wherever u are!! Drive carefully and keep an eye on our elder people. Hope yous r enjoying it and its not effecting u too badly. It makes everything so so beautiful!! Its getting christmasy. Woho!!!

Whats it like where u r?
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addicted to minimins!!
yaayy i heart snow!!!.. tonnes of it here and lots more to come , so i hear!!....im just hoping for a white christmas!! :D x
Hi loads of snow here.
I live on a bit of a hill so it's a nightmare getting to the top of the street, but all the main roads are clear.
Drive carefully everyone. x
We have not got snow yet :cry: just really cold


addicted to minimins!!
oh no kevin!!! you can have all of ours..we just keep getting more and more... i fell three times today on my bum and ive had enough lol! x :D
I hope you are ok.

I just like the look of snow and how it makes all the normal drab environment bright and clean - well at least until it starts to melt.


addicted to minimins!!
ah yes im ok, thanks,,,i managed to get up quite quickly out of sheer embarassment..ha.. its true i like it when it first snows.. its all pretty..nothing better tha staying inside all warm while it snows outside...x


Will be thin god dammit!!
Loads here - check my thread about it, I added photos x


Getting married in July!!
I just love the white fluffy stuff. It makes me like a kid again!!!! It makes everything so magical and beautifull!! I do hope that everyone is safe and well though. Xxx

Loads here - check my thread about it, I added photos x
Your pics are lovely!!! Hope u get another snow day tomorrow!! Fingers crossed.
Yes we have a light dusting as well :)
We just got some here in cork !!!! it looks gorgeous outside my office,,not looking forward to leaving the warmth later thou
I hear it's going to be heavy in Cork today. Whoever said we were going to get 10inches of snow during teh night was obviously a man. Dublin is just hailstone city this morning, tho we did get a clap of thunder there earlier!
lol @ cat - men do seem to have a weird problem with inch measurements !!!!!


addicted to minimins!!
in dublin in the middle of a sleet shower...towns just a massive sludge puddle!...got home and put my wellies on heading to work in a bit..wish i didnt have to!!....

oh heres a reason i need to lose weight...my legs wouldnt fit comfortably in the wellies i have so ive cut them to only come up mid calf...cringe im so mortified!!!!
Pudge darling...this time next year you will be able to wear nice sexy wellies ( yes and wellies can have that effect!)which will fit perfectly!!!! Don't worry it be sooner than you think!:) Have a good eve. It may be quiet at work for you.
Aww Pudge! I don't envy you out in that. The dogs and I just had a nice little walk in the local park but i'm now in and battening down the hatches for the night. Hope work's not too busy.

Also, funkystrut is dead right - keep going the way you're going and you'll have no problems with the wellies next year. Who knows, if this winter is anything like last year's by February you might need to treat yourself to a nice new pair and fit very nicely into them too!


addicted to minimins!!
thanks funky and cat..just back from work now..wasnt too bad,,, feet are soaked though ..not due to wellies but the fact that i walked through a puddle that was actually almost knee deep and with my cut off wellies m feet got drowned! o dear!... anyways yes heres to skinny legs and full length wellies wooo :) ...now watching desperate housewives, gossip girl then bed...:D x


Getting married in July!!
pudge i remember the feeling of standing in pennys and my legs actually fit into a lovely pair of pink wellies. i didnt even need them so dont know what made me try them on but i was elated and bought them anyway!! unfortunatly i left them in my parents house thinking id never need wellies in town- wish i had them here the last few days!!!
the ground is very slippy now cos the snow has stopped here for the time being so its very sludgy and icey.


addicted to minimins!!
ohh i cant wait for that feeling Differentusername...though i wish i had thought about all this yesterday when i decided it was a great idea to cheat... anyway ive given myself a strict talking to and i need to remember that refeed isnt as far away as i keep thinking it is!! :(

Snow here is ridiculous,,,Did you get thunder and lightning last night? it woke me up!! lots of buses have stopped,, my flatmate and i are staying in today as nobody is going into town for one lecture. study from home woo...

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