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Snuggles Snaffles keeping on track


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I just thought that as I have been doing this a while now I would pop a food diary up here for all you gurus to look at and make sure I am doing it right! The weight is coming off so it cant be to bad...

Extra Easy day

Breakfast - Black Cherry Mullerlight, with mixed forest fruits, and alpen light (hexb)
Black Coffee

Mid Morning snack - Banana

Lunch - sw quiche, which has bacon, onion, pepper and mushroom in with lettuce, toms, cucumber, spring onions and beetroot.

Afternoon snack - Apple

Dinner- 5 bean chilli with rice
followed by mullerice and sugar free jelly mousse.

will probably have around 4 glasses of water, 4 cups black coffee and a can of diet coke as well...
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doh blonde moment I hate mullerice....I meant mullerlight! What a great start :)


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Its already made, I have added loads of peppers, mushrooms, onions etc and will have very little rice with it. Any other suggestions of what I could add? Its bloomin lovely though and freezes really well


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oooooooooo good idea, and carrots seem to be mega cheap everywhere atm thanks for that one :)


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Well good morning all in forum land!!
Another extra easy day for me, and this is the plan

Breakfast - Mullerlight yoghurt, fresh forest fruits, 1 x Alpen Light (hexb) Black Coffee
Snack - banana
Lunch - SW quiche, lettuce, toms, spring onions, peppers, cucumber and beetroot
Snack - Apple
Dinner - Chicken Breast with Feta cheese (Hexa) teaspoon salsa (1syn)
cauliflower, brocolli, jacket potato.

various cups of black coffee, water and can of diet coke.
Hope this still looks ok?
I made some falafal last night, bit of a disaster as I dont have a food processor so just tried to mash everything! it has the rustic look :)


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I never seem to get round to having the second one, will that make any difference?


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i think the rule if that if you dont have the full quota, then it should be synned?! as you are not technically having enough fibre for it to count as a HEB choice.

Try to have 2!!! x


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ooooerrrrr best I start having 2 then....although I dont have syns generally anyway or I would never lose weight!! I will try to have a second one tomorrow :)

Tomorrows food is all planned and will be as follows

Breakfast - mullerlight yoghurt, fresh forest fruits, alpen light (hexb) black coffee
snack - banana and falafal
lunch- bachelors savoury rice, with chicken, peppers, onion, garlic, chilli,mushrooms and tomatos mixed in.
Snack - apple and alpen light (hexb)
Dinner - spicey baked bean lasagne, lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, tomatoes and beetroot...

off out to a family bbq at my sisters on sat, but the good think is she follows sw online so it will be friendly food!!

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