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so angry at myself

i've just rammed six custard creams in my face and yesterday i had fajitas with my oh, i was planning to only have the meat and peppers and salad but i ended up having hallomi cheese and feta cheese too and the tortillas!!

i feel like a failure and i just need some support telling me i can do this. its so hard sometimes. i feel like crying :'( argh!
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Tomorrow is another day to start over. You can do it! You are only human so don't beat yourself up.

Just think of how much better you are going to feel about yourself by Christmas. :)
thank you for the reply :) i know i can do this, deep down! i want to so much, but it is so SO hard sometimes. especially when its cold and i just want a mug of tea and a biccie. arghhhhhh.

also ive had an odd weekend, i realised that for the past six weeks the reason why ive been so miserable and teary is because ive been mildly depressed due to a progesterone based contraception pill - perfect when youre starting uni. i feel incredibly relived because i felt like i was going mad so i relaxed a little but i have to remember i'm doing this for a reason.

thing is when youre on a good day, you fly through this, but when its a tough one it feels like such a slog.


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You can't change what you have done, so channel your anger into determination not to let the same happen again. This is SO hard a diet, but get your head in the right place and you can do it. Good luck for today xx
you ladies are an inspiration, i've got up this morning and jumped right back into little miss positive. come christmas day, i'm gonna be looking slinky and svelte (almost)!

had my bar and 2l already and i'm going to be 100% today. yippee! it's such a good feeling when you feel positive. girl power. :D
That's really great to hear. I know I'm having a great day today too and so was yesterday but the days before I was feeling a bit bleugh!
thank you guys, because of your support i'm now fully focused and back into ketosis. woohoo :D:D
..............you know what surfing girl it has taken me a long time to learn that you cannot get fat from 1 or 2 bad days but you can get fat if you beat yourself up so much for it that you loose all motivation. I'm so glad you are back on the wagon and just forget those blips they don't matter..... they are in the past and it's what you do in the future that counts. xx
thank you bernice, and look at you.. 5lbs away from goal! took your advice about the scales thing as well. weigh ins do make you feel a little bit obsessive and strange so my OH has hidden my scales haha.

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