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so angry at myslef BIG STYLE

i am SO angry with myself, i weighed myself the other day and had lost 4 lb.... then what do i go and do today.. ate a BIG roast dinner and picked and picked ALL day long..biscuits tea with milk and im so annoyed with myself.. what with the cdc yesterday and a basic crappy weekend this just tops it off big time...

sum1 kick me up the backside :whoopass: :booboo:..i actually feel physically sick because of what ive eaten..
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Yes it probably wasnt the best thing to do...more because its upset you more than anything else. But its not falling off the wagon thats important, its what you do now!
Get back on it, drinks loads of water and try if you can to forget it happened- or you'll be in a negative mindset!
I did the same yesterday after 25 days of SS but today im back on my shakes and feeling renewed!
Seriously hun you can do it!!!Dont give up!!!
I dont do massive kicks but hope that helps!!


MUST get a grip
Remember exactly how what you've done makes you feel after, a sure fire way not to do it again hun!
You dont need us to beat you with a stick when you are doing a perfectly good job all by yourself!

You dont need to eat anything else today, if you do make sure its a pack and drink plenty of water to keep yourself flushed away...

Interesting that you ate out of temper and frustration - so you have recognised a trigger for the future! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
thanx girls... yr right clare ive beat myself up over it today... and i dont think i'll be hungry for about a month !!

but tomorrows a new day, ive never really looked at food as a trigger but thinking back ive done it a few times in the past...

well heres to tomorrow!
what can I say, you aint the only one....I had 3 bad days in a row, Now bnad tummy, bloated and what not. I promised myself i WONT pick today but when I go to kitchen, all the promises dissappear and I pick this, pick that and before I know, Im having jammy dodgers with tea. N I have never eaten them when I was not on diet, dont like them even. I am going to gym in a little while to get some feeling of well being back. I dont know what is triggering this NO control. really frustating..

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