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So angry with myself :(

I really need to lose 3stone on LT but I keep caving after a week or 2 because the finish line seems miles away,
I don't find it hard and I really love ketosis but something in me just gives up before week 3??
Roughly how long will it take me to lost 3stone, keeping in mind I'm a big'un (16st 4bls)??

Thanks all and well done-and kind envy- on doing so well!!
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LT say that you can easily loose a stone a month, Im on week 3 and Im on target to loose 5lb this week which will take me to a stone sooner than predicted and they do say that the more you have to loose the quicker it comes off. Stick at it and it will be well worth it in the end :)
Come on Daisy, you can do it! Forgive yourself for your bad days and remember having more good days than bad is an achievement! I have had 3 in 4 weeks and still lost nearly 2 stones!

Go for it girl! x


Getting married in July!!
Snap!!!!oh my god im the very same as you!!! Im on week three. (day 17) and im the whole time wanting to quit cos its just so hard and i have so so much to loose that it seems ill never get there. But when i think of quiting i know that i wouldnt have the will power to eat completely healithly and i know that not only would it be very slow weight loss at best but also that realistically id probally put on some of the stone iv lost.

Its very daunting when you think how long youd have to be on it to loose the weight isnt it?

So now i try not to think of it as a total and try not to think of the figures and how long it will take. I just think i have my shakes untill monday so ill do it untill then. And i know that when i weigh in ill want to do it for another week and then ill tell myself that ill do it untill monday again. Im hoping that this meathod will at least get me through this week and next and hopefully by then ill be so into it that i wont want to stop. And the way i see it is that even if i do quit then, ill have had an amazing kick start to my diet!!!

I really understand what ur saying. I made out a chart with my weight going down the side of it and i mark off each week as i loose it and i find this kind of counteracts the dauntingness of how much i need to loose cos im a good bit down the chart all ready and im only getting started.

This helps me. I hope it can help me. I feel very like you do. Xx
Hi Daisy!, Sometimes when you focus on the long term goal its seems so big and so far away its overwelming.
I tried to focus on each day and then each week setting little goals along the way and before i knew it I was weeks down the line.
I get something nice in the next size down and hang it on the wardrobe and think if i just stick two more weeks I can wear that! Sometimes If im really struggling I think I will just do it till next weigh in day then I may stop, but when I get there the weight loss spurs me onto another week. Good luck xx
Aw thanks so much for your replies girls!
I know you're all right, I'm going to go and get signed in at the chemist on Saturday cos I've been doing it at home on my own which gives more leeway for cheating and giving up!
So I'm not going to go too mad till Sat and gear myself up for it.

Roughly how long would 3stone take to shift?? I know it differs from person to person but any ideas of a roundabout time?
Yeah i'd say that's about right, it seems no amount of time really!
Just have to keep reminding myself how happy I'll be at the end of it!!
The time goes so quickly, you'll find that are tight on you one week are comfy the next, loose soon after and then far too big for you.

I did vlcd 2 years ago and lost 4 stone in no time, went from a tight size 22 to a loose 14.
Looking back I lost about a stone a month. Vlcd are are hard diets to follow but stick with it and you'll get to your destination far faster than if you did another diet and certainly faster than giving up

I find looking at people before and after pickies really helpful too
WEll, those 10/12 weeks are going to pass no matter what Daisy, and you could either get stuck in and focus on your goal or keep hoping to get the motivation to do it . You can do this ! xx
Right you are Daisy!
The amount of times I look back and say "IF ONLY i'd started then"
Ok, can't wait for my WI on Sat now!!
Thats the spirit Daisy! Cant wait to see your losses stacking up, remember to spend lots of time in this forum to help you cope with that first week ! xx
Hi Daisy I've got a load to lose too and am only on day 2! There's fruit still sitting in the fruit bowl and I can smell it every time I walk into the kitchen! So I've sat in the garden in a very old bikini with my enormous tummy hanging over the top and promised myself that next summer WILL be different....no more chaffing thighs,sweat rash and cover-up clothes.....we CAN do it sweetheart, I'm right behind you!
Hey Daisy,

in the words of Dory....Jsut keep swimming, just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming :D

I am now on day 3 of LT second time round.

I remember at about 3 weeks I hit a wall. And i promise you can get through it. Just think how victorious you will feel for not cheating!!

Sit and think..are you actually hungry?? Nope do you miss the habit, of just eating?? yes. Well it was for me anyway.

Kepp smiling, and thinking each day i am getting smaller and smaller :D

And 3 stone wont take long you at all, but will take longer if you eat

((((((squishy hugs))))))


i want to be like betty
hi i started at 17 st 3 lb i am on 8th week and have lost 3 st , i have stuck rigidly as i am going on hols 4 weeks and want to lose as much as poss, keep going i know i weighed more than you to start with but keep it up its well worth the short time it takes.
Hi Daisy, you can do this! In terms of how long, the more overweight you are to start with (ie BMI wise) the quicker it seems to come off. I'm not sure how tall you are so maybe your BMI isn't really high, but I would have *guessed* that you'd lose closer to 2 stone than 1 stone in your first month (I lost over 1.5 stone in 4 weeks and my starting weight was 15st 1 - I'm 5'6") and then it'll slow down to more like a stone a month, but I would have thought that 3 stone was doable in 8-10 weeks :D

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