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So annoyed with myself!!!!

I've lapsed big time Friday Saturday and Sunday. I don't know why I self sabotaging myself like this I was so in the Zone :-(. It was my first week of 2nd start anybody else found it hard restarting.

Anyway I feel better for confessing and I'm gonna start again tomorrow will go to class and face the scales.

Need to explore what's blocking me


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Are you going to full CBT classes? I've tried to start LL a number of times without attending a full group class, it's never worked for me. I'm on my 'real' 2nd time round now with a refresher group and having CBT and I'm sticking to it, I've found that the group is vital for me, don't beat yourself up x

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Yeah classes are essential! I lapsed tonight which I'm not proud of but I'm also ok about it. Still I will make it a mission to go to my class tomorrow night and face the music. Whatever it may be.
Hun don't beat yourself up.
I've heard this saying once which I completely agree with..

Soul of a true fighter is one that picks itself up when it falls and never gives up even when it seems like it's an easier option.

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Good for you Mags - I dreaded my class last week. You always feel better after "facing the music".
i too am on my second time around and finding it so much harder than the first time. i did the full 100 days in 2008 and didnt lapse once. i am now on my sixth week second time around and have lapsed a couple of times ( i have not beat myself up about it but cannot understand why it is so different this time ). i am now focusing on the bigger picture again and am going to give it 100% - i know it works and i know i can do it. dont look back - look forwards and dont give up. we are all only human and everyone is different. focus on one day at a time and you can do it. good luck honey. i know just how you feel but you can overcome your lapses and carry on.
I am back again after trying & failing many times and it's definitely much harder the second time round!

I am in day 1 again now and determined to just take 1 day at a time! If I plan to far ahead I lose sight of my short term goals & fail!

Good luck with your journey & don't let it put you off that you've lapsed, use it as an incentive to motivate you to get back on it :) x
Interesting thoughts.. When I lost weight years ago (with SW) I would take it one day at a time. I would always tell myself I would have that biscuit or chocolate bar tomorrow. I then put the weight back on when I got pregnant and have struggled to lose the weight again as I was always too impatient to lose the weight. I would be working out what weight I would be this time 3 weeks/months from now. I set myself up to fail..failed then stopped even trying. My LLC reminded me of this when she advised to take one day at a time. One chocolate bar isn’t going to make you put on 5 stone! It is what happens next that could sabotage your life..dust yourself off.. and more importantly go back to group. Good luck!
Well going from bad to worse did not go to class tonight!!!! I've decided to draw a line on last week and start afresh tomorrow. Thanks for your support guys it really means alot knowing you're not alone.

Definitely going to take one day at a time been very guilty of looking ahead to far!!!!

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Excellent plan Doves. Breathe, accept and move on.

I'm going back to class tonight after THREE WEEKS of constant hungry-caterpillar-style eating!! Seven stone off without a single cheat and just suddenly got the food demon back in me?!

Have to go back tonight, assess the damage and start afresh tomorrow morning.

So it could be worse... you could be me!! Lol... :)

Good luck tomorrow and good luck at class when you go. Fingers crossed you'll have undone any damage by the time you hit the scales :)

Hey Doves.. How was your day today? Do you have enough food packs to last you another week? Have you spoken to your LLC? If you don’t live too far away maybe you could pop in and speak to her.. you wont need to get on the scales if you don’t want. It may not be as bad as you think....


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Good luck to both of you doves and Alice
It's hard to get back on the plan. I've been struggling since December! Going back and forth but I'm committed now to stay 100% for the last few weeks so I lose the last stubborn stone!
We can totally do it ladies!

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Better day today ladies thinking one day or hour at a time certainly helps.

Ive got packs from last time so have plenty to keep me going till next week

Thanks again for all your support.


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Mags, look at your ticker!! So close!! We can do it!!

(Although i will admit that after the last two weeks, my ticker is no longer strictly telling the truth but I can't bring myself to change it backwards :( Have decided instead just to commit 100% and get back to where I was asap!!)

Let's all be brave and stay on track!!

Good luck!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Good luck you girlies... You CAN do it... hey, you already have! :)

...alicethecamel & mags, you are both so near goal... the end is in sight, which is so exciting! Stick with it 100% and you'll be there at no time! Just this last little bit... think how you're gonna feel, and look! HOT!! :D


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